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What is POE ?

Power Over Ethernet

Pi O stands Forrr in simple language the technology of transmitting electrical energy through network cables.

Power Over Ethernet, the mechanism of the standard, IEEE 802.3 af, which is the duty of sending the electricity on the network cable is responsible.

in the event that you are CCTV camera, network, or IP Camera, you can use the Switch PoE, they will turn on.

In addition, in the event that your organization has the IP Phone or antenna wireless access point is, you can power this equipment also through the Switch, PoE, supply here. < < > > in simple terms is actually a new technology that allows a network cable to transmit electrical energy in addition to data transmission.< < A > for example: < < U>consider a CCTV camera that we intend to install en in the exterior of the building. Surveillance for performance, correct to two connections (cable) requires:

a network connection: to interact with the NVR or the monitor
power connector: for powering the electric force necessary
with this if the camera has PoE is, for these two types of connector rise to a cable network will require that both data transfer and power energy necessary to provide.