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What is VRR ?
Virtual Router Redundancy
Virtual router redundancy protocol (VRR) is a computer network protocol that allows the automatic allocation of existing Internet Protocol (IP) routers to participating hosts. This increases the availability and reliability of routing routes through automatic selection of the default gateway in an IP subnet.

This protocol acts as a group by creating virtual routers, which are an abstract representation of multiple routers, i.e. primary/active and secondary/standby routers. The virtual router is assigned as a default gateway of participating hosts instead of the physical router. If the physical router that routs packages from the virtual router fails, another physical router is selected to be replaced automatically. The physical router that sends packages at any given time is called the primary/active router....
What is IAM ?
Identity and Access Management
Identity and access management (IAM) or (IdAM) is a method of determining who the user is and what they are allowed to do. IAM is a concert like a doorkeeper and has a list of authorized, unauthorized people and people with access to the VIP area. IAM is also called Identity Management (IdM).

more technically, IAM is a means of managing a certain set of users ' digital identities and privileges related to each identity. This is a general concept that includes a number of different products that all perform this main function. In an organization, IAM may be a single product, or it may be a combination of processes, software products, cloud and hardware services that allow administrators to view and control organizational data that individual users can access. IAM is a product for cloud and network security....
What is GPT ?
Generative Pre-trained Transformer
Chatgpt is a chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched on November 30, 2022. Based on a large language model, it enables users to refine and steer a conversation towards a desired length, format, style, level of detail, and language. Successive prompts and replies, known as prompt engineering, are considered at each conversation stage as a context...
What is JDBC ?
Java DataBase Connectivity
Java database connection () is a functional programming interface (.) for the Java programming language that specifies how the client accesses the database. It is a Java-based data access technology used to connect the Java database. It is part of ther Qari platform of ther Qari Qari company. It provides methods for querying and updating data in a database and tends towards relational databases. A -- bridge enables connection to any accessible data source in the host environment of the Java Virtual Machine ()....
What is UUID ?
Universally Unique Identifier
An identifier for the one world or the ID of a unique universal (Universally unique identifier) (UUID), a number of 128-bit is to identify information in computer systems can be used. Instead of this term, etc. the English term Globally unique identifier (acronym: GUID) also goes to work.

if UUID according to the standard procedures of production are ... without being to an institution, registrar, central or coordinating with other manufacturers UUID to verify the uniqueness, the need may be. practically, the permalinks will be. This is unlike most other methods. Although the probability that a quotient is repetitive is not zero but is as close to zero as it can be ignored.

so, anyone can be a UUID is created and from it to identify the "something" does not use, and ensure that UUID that has produced with UUID that previously generated, or so it will produce, etc. does not interfere. Information labeled by independent entities can then be merged into a database without the need to eliminate interference between identifiers.

application UUID and GUID is extensive and many of the platform, computational of facilities for its production and barking display text UUID support....
What is PGF ?
Portable Graphics Format
Pi F J/ A couple for producing vector graphics (e.g., pictures and technical drawings) of the description geometric / algebraic, and standard features include drawing points, lines, arrows, etc. directions., the circle in., Oval, and Polygon is. PFG is a low-level language، while tics is a set of higher-level macros that use PFG. High-level PFG and tics commands are called as single macro(TeX) but in contrast withr uicks ، the PFG / tics graphics themselves are described in a language that resembles metapost. Til Tanta Yeno (l yi yi yi yi) is the designer of PFG and tics languages. He is also the original developer of the only known translator for PFG and ticz which is written in Yen. Pi F J(PGF) stands for "Portable Graphics Format" means "graphical format, portable" is. Ticks (Ti k z) was introduced in the 0 95 version of PFG. Tics is a recursive abbreviation for the phrase "r SAR SAR "which means" tics is not a design program"....
What is OOPC ?
Object Oriented Programming in C
jactio-C is an object-oriented language that is created by adding message sending concepts from the smalltalk language to the C language. Now the main use of en is in environments Mac os x and Iphone os.< < > programs of this language that do not use specific libraries of these environments can be used in all environments where the JCC compiler (GCC) is used.< < > history< < > in the early 1980s the dominant method in software engineering was the structured programming method. This method was based on the principle of dividing the problem into smaller components and solving the individual . With the increase in the size of the mesmelahs, this method gradually lost its efficiency.< < > the new solution proposed was the object-oriented programming method, with languages such as smalltalk based on yen.

Brad Cox and Tom Love Language -thirty in the early years, 1980 at the factory, their production was. inspired by the smalltalk language, with a change in the C language compiler, it was able to add the possibilities of objectivism to en. He called the language OOPC the ABBREVIATIONR ther ther ther ther ther ther ther ther ther ther ther ther The The. Later, with the help of Love new product called Productivity Products International, or PPI's making that a compiler -thirty with the Class Library, the power was interested in.in 1988, the company acquired ownership of jactio-C from...
What is OTFE ?
On The Fly Encryption
TrueCrypt is freeware application that is used to encrypt at the moment the abbreviation (OTFE). This software is not open source orzad software, but the en code is visible. The program can create an encrypted virtual disk inside a file or encrypt a partition or encrypt the entire storage device (under the Microsoft Windows operating system and except Windows 2000) (pre-boot authentication)....