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Acronym Finder

What is ARG ?
Alternate Reality Game
Game alternate reality (ARG)is an interactive network is the narrative that, from the real world as a platform, is used

and storytelling, multimedia to offer a story that offers can be by the idea of good or the performance of the player change.< < > the form is defined by the player's intense conflict with a story that happened in real time and is completed according to the players ' response. After ، his characters are formed, which are normally controlled by artificial intelligence in contrast, controlled by the same algorithm as a computer or console video game. Players are routinely trained with direct game characters، challenges and plot architects that they solve and line up as a community to analyze the story and coordinate real-life activities. Multimedia, such as telephone, e-mail and Mail, is generally used, but relies on the internet as a means of Central connectivity.

the popularity of ARG on the rise, regular new games appear, and experiments can be with model and genres fry new increases. Them to freely play the work they are doing, the cost of that through the support of the products (for example, cards, card, puzzle, and how the city ), or through the relations between advertising, products can be available are (for example, the game I'm the bees like an ad for Halo 2 was, and the game experience, lost TV show, lost to advertise to conquer). However-there are also pay-to-play models....
What is RAGE ?
Rockstar Advanced Game Engine
Rockstar advanced game engine (RAGE) or ridge is the name of a game development engine developed by the San Diego Rockstar group's programming and development team. This engine has been used for all Rockstar products since 2006. This engine has so far been able to make games for the sixth and seventh generation consoles and the eighth and ninth generations....
What is XP ?
A measure of positive progress that may get you new skills, powers or advantages....
What is OTW ?
On The Way
Used to let other players you’re coming to help....
What is LFM ?
Looking For Members
Two or more people who are already grouped who are looking for more players to add to their party....
What is MMORPG ?
Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. A role-playing game where thousands of people interact in the same persistent game world such as The Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars and World of Warcraft....
What is HP ?
Health Points
Hit Points or Health Points. How much health a character has....