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Acronym References

What is BTS ?
Behind the Scenes
Behind the scenes is an acronym for BTS....
What is VP ?
Vice President
The deputy chairman (VP) refers to the chief executive in the government complex or a business that is ranked in the organizational structure, after the chairman. In some countries, Vice-Chairman and vice-chairman are used in one sense, but organizationally, two separate posts from each other....
What is DPR ?
Director of Public Relation
Director of public relations in the company...
What is CIRCAMP ?
Cospol Internet Related Child Abusive Material Project
Project materials disturbing children's internet related (CIRCAMP), a project of strategic planning, operational, for a comprehensive police (COSPOL) with the aim of fighting crimes without borders, and multinational in Europe.
What is CSAM ?
Child Sexual Abuse Material
Child pornography or child pornography (CSAM) is referred to as the production or direct participation of a child in pornographic images or indeed to child sexual abuse. Child pornography can be found in a variety of media including works of magazines, photos, cartoons, drawings, animations, videos, video, video games, etc. Child pornography has been illegal in most countries and has been censored in World judicial centers....