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Acronym References

What is شمپه ?
شیمیایی، میکروبی، پرتوزاینده، هسته‌ای
Defense that short phrase, defense, chemical, microbial, etc. ., the core is for yesterday. units and tools to deal with the weapons, chemical, microbial, etc. core goes to work. Until the end of the Cold War, the phrase for Washington, DC. microbial., the chemicals (abbreviation ABC) went to work, which then for nuclear talks, microbial, etc., chemical (NBC) was changed. With the development of radioactive weapons, the protocol was changed in 2012 to Shemp defense (abbreviated Yen Yen). Earlier and during the Iran-Iraq War, the term was also used as sh-R ("sh-R"), which is shortened to chemical-microbial-radioactive....
What is ZOPFAN ?
Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality
Zone of peace, freedom and neutrality of the statement was that on 27 November 1971 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by the foreign ministers of 5 main members (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand) free nations of Southeast Asia (ASEAN) was signed.in this statement, the members ofshkara expressed their intention to "keep the Southeast Asian region away from the influence and interference of foreign powers in any form or manner" and "expand the fields of cooperation"....
What is CIP ?
Commercial Important Person
The word CIP means important economic / business people, which usually includes managers of organizations ، companies ، factories and major departments and investors from different business areas. Here is the order of Service C.I. services that are provided to this class of people at airports and C and varan services are specific to the above standards.

in the field of services, formalities, travel, etc. the passengers are to seek the services are proprietary and tend with the lowest stress and in comfort, travel, work and personal to manage their always concerns in the process of travel are, as well as these people can not necessarily the entities field of economic understanding, and any personal merely pay the cost can be from these services CIP uses. For example, passengers who do not have proper physical condition and have to travel, or families who need to use these services because of a lot of equipment or having children for ease, so to solve these problems، different airports have taken special services as CIP have. In service CIP all the affairs of the flight passengers by personnel salon si IP is done and the passenger in the process of flight can be used, such can be pointed to the following:

- get the cards fly and assign seats fit
- delivery and receive a suitcase and a time traveler
- customs affairs passenger (in flights Bayonne international)
- the passport and the withdrawal effects
- matters related to the added time traveler
- related affairs to carry a pet on the fly
- inspection, monitoring and police corps
- catering and relax in the space dedicated
- use of amenities such as: internet,, suite, accommodation and ...
- transport on the runway by cars proprietary

and other facilities that are in proportion to the airport is different....
What is DST ?
Daylight Saving Time
Change of summer time or daylight saving time and coordination of Economic Working Hours () in most countries called Summer Time [. refers to the change of hours in time zones that makes the day longer in the evening and shorter in the morning. This change is usually done in the spring of each year and will return to normal in the fall. In order to optimize energy consumption in spring and summer many countries pull their country's official clock a little (usually an hour) forward so that more hours of the day coincide with working hours and fewer hours of the day.there is a need for energy consumption for the same lighting.the initial idea of this change in modern times was proposed by George Hudson in 1895 and first implemented during World War I. Many countries have used this method at different times. After the energy crisis in the 1970s Summer Time became widely used and is still used today in Northern America and Europe....
What is IFF ?
Identification Friend or Foe
Identification, friend or foe (IFF) is an identification system designed for command and control. It uses a transponder that listens for an interrogation signal and then sends a response that identifies the broadcaster. IFF systems usually use radar frequencies, but other electromagnetic frequencies, radio or infrared, may be used. It enables military and civilian air traffic control interrogation systems to identify aircraft, vehicles or forces as friendly and to determine their bearing and range from the interrogator. IFF is used by both military and civilian aircraft. IFF was first developed during World War II, with the arrival of radar, and several friendly fire incidents.

IFF can only positively identify friendly aircraft or other forces. If an IFF interrogation receives no reply or an invalid reply, the object is not positively identified as foe; friendly forces may not properly reply to IFF for various reasons such as equipment malfunction, and parties in the area not involved in the combat, such as civilian airliners, will not be equipped with IFF.

IFF is a tool within the broader military action of Combat Identification (CID), the characterization of objects detected in the field of combat sufficiently accurately to support operational decisions. The broadest characterization is that of friend, enemy, neutral, or unknown. CID not only can reduce friendly fire incidents, but also contributes to overall tactical decision-making....
What is Ops ?
Military operations is a concept and application of military science that involves planning the operations for the projected maneuvering forces\' provisions, services, training, and administrative functions—to allow them to commence, insert, then egress from combat. The operations staff plays a major role in the projection of military forces in any wide spectrum of conflict; terrestrial, aerial, or naval warfare needed to achieve operational objectives in a theater of war....
What is CR ?
Concourse Rear
The term in the menu sensor means the meeting place behind (ground). In Someu censorsu this phrase is written ASU i.e.u Community Place....