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What is AGC ?

Auto Gain Contro

(AGC) is a light-controlling technology in CCTV cameras that is present in most CCTV cameras today.AGC technology was originally used as an option in CCTV cameras, which over time were placed in most CCTV cameras produced by the world's leading brands such as Dahua and Hayek vision, and today is a basic mechanism for all CCTV cameras.
AGC mechanism function:
if we want to examine how the CCTV mechanism works, it can be said that in all CCTV cameras, in conditions of reduced ambient light, the aperture of the camera becomes more open, and as a result, the amount of light received by the CCTV image chip increases. This function leads to an improvement in the quality of images captured by CCTV in poor optical conditions. However, in environments where light is extremely low, reinforcement mechanisms will be needed to improve the quality of the images.
the AGC mechanism is essentially an electronic mechanism for amplifying and adjusting ambient light.
in the AGC mechanism, when ambient light decreases, this technology uses electronic amplification to amplify image signals, and eventually the image is displayed more brightly. Of course, we should note that this image light amplification also has a big flaw that ultimately leads to electronic noise in the form of tiny, colored grains in the image.