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Acronym References

What is VST ?
Virtual Studio Technology
Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is an audio plug-in software interface that integrates software synthesizers and effects units into digital audio workstations. VST and similar technologies use digital signal processing to simulate traditional recording studio hardware in software. Thousands of plugins exist, both commercial and freeware, and many audio applications support VST under license from its creator, Steinberg....
What is UMG ?
Universal Music Group
Music Group, Universal, etc. (UMG) company, record and play music American is the biggest company in the music industry can be, as well as after Warner group as the second largest company in the music player world. be known.

the origins of the establishment of the company Universal to the 1934 returns that as the American division, the British company deca Corporation was launched. In 1990, the greater part of its shares, the Japanese company Panasonic was assigned. In 1996, as the arm management system, the studio company Universal Road Studios continued his political activities and in the year 2000, the company a majority of the shares it bought him.

the company is headquartered in the city of Santa Monica, California, is located. , A subsidiary of universal can be: records, etc. Shady Records, and. Island, records, etc. , etc. Geffen Records, etc. records, etc. Motown, etc. Def Jam, etc. Cash Money Records, etc., Capital Records and Virgin Records cited....
What is OSC ?
Open Sound Control
Open Sound Control (OSC) is a protocol for networking sound synthesizers, computers, and other multimedia devices for purposes such as musical performance or show control. OSC\'s advantages include interoperability, accuracy, flexibility and enhanced organization and documentation....
What is EQ ?
Words, the EQ, generally, in the control device ( including control of the TV. recording, and...) meant efforts fail or Huffington Post sound. To control the amount of bass and coarser sound....
What is WOO ?
Werke ohne Opuszahl
Woo to WoO, to mean "works without number of Opus") is a short-sighted, wrote of the genre know that for numbering some works without number "opus" Ludwig van Beethoven goes to work. For example, in the use of "Wu" or WoO., the specifications of the famous for the Elysee's to the German, this form can write:
WoO 59: Für Elise Klavierstück in a-Moll
WoO 59: Für Elise Bagatelle (Poco moto) in A minor...
What is KARMA ?
Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture
Karma to the meaning of architecture ك music (ك) is, of course, ك (Stephen Kay) the name of the wonderful originator of this technology can be.
ك a technology unique production ك information Maidi for the production of easy more music.

This technology for this purpose, designed to be in Live mode facilities of the following user code:
parts of a complex ك And ك
sounds natural and soft instruments, acoustic
How to play and battles, the particular guitar
ك random ( like the fret noise on the guitar and ...)
technology in the country, is a live ك ( something similar to the efficiency )
soft mode displacement between the notes when playing a musical instrument ( ) and.....

new facilities is just a tool valuable for use and engineers, sound it. but with the interactive interface and user-friendly make it possible to provide any user with any level of knowledge puts up to use it to pay....
What is SAX ?
Thang and the Sexy Sax (saxophone) is one of the instruments that are usually free rice is a similar clarinet there. A similar clarinet, etc. Thang and the Sexy Sax is also the hole that the musician, through the mechanism of the key, it can strap. When the musician, the key press can or key to drop it. to arrange the page the holes are placed, or the page of the hole is removed. This maker Adolphe Sax in the decade of 1840 invented and called her "thang and the Sexy Sax" was called.

Adolphe Sax, born in the city of Dinant (Dinant) in Belgium. He wanted a group of musical instruments to create that the most powerful and the best instruments to have. Mr. Sax., the Thang and the sexy sax on June 28, 1846 in two groups, each of which contains 7 maker was patented. Each group includes in different dimensions in order to carry.

Thang and the Sexy Sax among the instruments, wooden single tabs.

Thang and the Sexy Sax types like Thang and the Sexy Sax soprano., the Thang and the Sexy Sax Alto and Thang and the Sexy Sax tenor there is, that difference is in the scope of sounding them. Although this instrument was originally for Orchestra and category, Music, the military was prepared, but nowadays mostly in jazz music and friendly people goes to work....
What is NME ?
New Musical Express
De new can express act of war, or to the English music magazine (NME) the name of the magazine, with the theme of music in the UK is from April 1952 to be released. This magazine is the first magazine of the British was that the chart singles in their place. In the seventies, have become the best-selling music magazine in Great Britain....
What is EMO ?
Emo (Emo) one of the subdirectories, rock music, and out of the style of hardcore punk. The term emo (that "emotional hardcore" and "emocore" are said to be) the first to describe the works of the group, went to work that "track, the melodic" and "poems are emotional in and admit any" Shaun makes a difference is their from other genres of punk rock.

from the first works of music that in the formation of the emo, significant role was found to be from the album 1984, group, hardcore punk, Hüsker Dü, with the name Zen Arcade learn. This album is a breakthrough groups, the other was in the works to issue a more personal pay and listen listen build. In the middle years the 80's AD who was in the area of Washington, D.C. the first group of emo emerged that from among the it can be used to of spring and noted.

is that in poetry, artists, emo more to it, he would "defeat or failure in romantic relationships" is the way with poems, common, romantic, try to to arouse a sense of pity, the listener had love failed. Addressing such subjects triggered more audience, emo,,,,,,,.

In addition to music, the word emo to define a subculture that interest characteristic appearance, and behavioral special to themselves, is used. The term to describe the sort of special relationship among the artists, emo, and supporters, and aspects related to fashion, culture, and peculiarities of behavior their application....
What is ACL ?
Austin City Limits
Austin City celebrity to the ACL, one of the festivals there, music is important in the sleeves, Texas.

The Festival Cultural in 1976, was established and every year through direct broadcasting networks such as PBS to the Americans supplied.

bill Arhus (Bill Arhos) musician and founder of the group, on 11 April, 2015 at the age of 80 on the effect of heart disease, died....
What is SPL ?
Sound Pressure Level
The scale of the acoustically measured energy of sound . Usually in units of dB spl expression....
What is DNR ?
Dynamic Noise Reduction
A (Signal Processing Circuit) the flow of a process signal that the level of high frequencies (,) can reduce. Conversely, noise reduction, Dolby, etc. DNR need to no the process during recording.
What is SX ?
Symphony X
X (Symphony X) the name of a group of progressive metal American I the state of New Jersey. The group in the beginning by Michael Romeo, guitarist of the current band was founded in 1994. Two albums, wings of divine tragedy, and the trail new The Myth of storage a lot of attention to the side of the group draw.

in early 1994 Michael Romeo is a demo bar with the name of the dark chapter to record that herself and the musician, keyboard Michael in that post. This bar, especially in Japan fairly considered. He then, Thomas Miller, Jason and Rod Taylor to arrange as the ... drummer and singer to complete the group, was the first album of them with the name of your group in the same year was recorded. Album the second group, The Curse of the game six months after it was recording, of course, then the reader groups, Rod Taylor group left and place to the reader of the current group Russell Allen....
What is R&B ?
Rhythm And Blues
AR have, Contemporary (Contemporary R...
What is BSB ?
Back Street Boys
Backstreet (Backstreet Boys) is a music group of Americans that in the year 1372 in the city of Orlando from the Florida began. The original members of the group include this.C. McLean, etc. , etc. Brian littoral, etc., Nick Carter and Kevin Richardson. They first album International called \"Backstreet\" in the year 1375 many fans to attract. In the following year, also with the release of a new album, international other, called \" \"Beck Beck\" and release the same album for the first time in the U.S. a global success, the other for your business. When they are in the year 1378 album \"\" published not only in the realm of music and at music festivals, but in between many people around the world downloads special find. And years later, the album \"Black and blue\" published. After 3-year hiatus in their 3 other albums to arrange the \"light gun\" in the year 1384, \"the IT jailbroken, able\" in the year 1386, and \"Diss is ace\" in the year 1388 were released.

Richardson group in the year 1385 for other purposes in life. Group Backstreet had 130 million copies album all over the world to sell said. That makes them the best selling group of boys in all the music out. According to reports Billboard, after the \"hundreds\" they are the first group that are 7 first album They to 10 the album reached the billboard is reached.

In some sources, the Backstreet with the name of the BSB, also known....
What is PYT ?
Pretty Young Thing
IP Wai t (beautiful young) (P. Y. T) the name of each song and work of Michael Jackson., the American artist. The lyrics in the sixth studio album Jackson with the name "trailers," published in 1983. In the song, Janet and Toya, two sisters, Jackson is also the company.

track IP Wai t (beautiful young) a commercial success. This song could rank 10 in the table 100 effect Top Billboard and ranked 46 in the table, singles, top, RSS, Have, bring. This song in 2008 by the Ville.IPhone.And Michael Jackson re-mix was in the album trailer, 25 was used.

Michael Jackson never track IP Wai t (beautiful young) for the live run did not....
What is AMP ?
In Music, AMP Means amplifier, or amplifier for electronic sound reinforcement, musical instruments, pickup capitalism, such as electric guitars, guitar bass, violins, and ... can be used.

combos in mainly has two electrical circuits to name the manufacturer of the sound (Pre Amp) and the amplifier of the Sound (Power Amp). Of the most important components in the sound quality of a very important there is a lamp vacuum.In the past, in all combos of bulbs, a vacuum was used but with the passage of time and the Emden capacitor. perfect for a lamp, a vacuum to the field names for that in terms of the cost of the very top of the lamp, a vacuum. But the sound produced from the capacitor, never the quality of the sound produced by the lamp, a vacuum would not, and why, in many cases, a professional from the same lamp, vacuum, used....
What is PMPO ?
Peak Music Power Output
The peak power of the music player...
What is REM ?
Rapid Eye Movement
AR....... (R. E. M) is a group of popular rock from Georgia, America. Singer, a group home, Michael .

When the first single, it's called "Radio Free Europe" in 1981, released some kind of feeling refer again to the garage rock of the 60's, music, underground, United States, " she said. In that period, that a few more groups, punk and hardcore music, underground, United States active. AR..The guitar pop, enter music American. Although no innovation Badi'i in music, it did not exist, but some sort of identity and sense of purpose for their works that was causing the spread of underground music in the US.

the song "Losing My Religion" that in the year 1991 as the first single off the album Out of Time was shipped is one of the most successful works of AR....... . In the wake of the release of the song, the name of the group for the first time in the fourth category, the best-selling singles in the United States. ... album Out of Time into the first rank of the best-selling album in the US and video of his what that prize might be within a year, won it.

AR....... The pan, being nominated for 7 Grammy Awards. that in 3 the case is won. Members of the group in 2007 to the Hall of Fame rock and roll the way'. This group in September 2011 with the agreement of the members was dissolved, the uh, every one separately, to work pay....