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What is PLE ?
Palestine has historically been called the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the banks of the Jordan River since ancient Roman times.
< br>Palestine in even older times was called a more restricted area along the border of the Mediterranean Sea. In its broader geographical meaning Palestine can refer to an area that includes Israeli and Palestinian areas, parts of Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Palestine could also be brought into an area that was at the beginning of the twentieth century under British sovereignty after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I. Palestine may also be called the state of Palestine declared by the Palestinian Authority (the Palestinian Authority) and recognized by more than a hundred countries.

In ancient Egyptian texts, the entire coastal region of the Near East along the Mediterranean coast between New Egypt and Turkey is called ratnio (R-t-n-u). It was divided into three districts. The southern region of ratnio (Djahy) included New Israel and Palestinian territory, the central region included Lebanon, and the northern region (Amurru) included the Syrian coast as far north as the orentes River near Turkey.

in the Iron Age, the kingdom of Israel ruled over an area including Jerusalem to an area near New Israel and Palestinian territory, and in the West and North it encompassed the bulk and not all of Israel\'s territory. After this government was divided, the southern part became the Jewish Kingdom and the northern part became the kingdom of Israel....
What is SOAS ?
School of Oriental and African Studies
Happy about, University of London (School of Oriental and African studies )[note 1] is a State University research in London, England, and of the colleges forming the University of London is in the field of rights, language, humanities, and the economy of the countries of the continent of Asia (the Middle East), Africa, expertise. More than 300 undergraduate and 100 master's and doctoral degrees are offered at this university. The Guardian has ranked SOAS among the top 25 universities in the UK.

happy about one of the most well-known Centers for higher education the world for teaching and research in topics related to Africa and Asia, especially the Middle East.< < >the university is one of the smaller colleges of the University of London in terms of student numbers and it ranks high in the UK university rankings....
What is پاک ?
The name of Pakistan (Pakistan) in Persian means the land of purity. The name was first used in 1312 (1933) by Choudhary Rahmat Ali, who published it in the Journal "today" or "never". The name was made as a sermon of the names of the main Islamic lands related to the West Indies. Officially it was established as the territory of Pakistan in 1326 (1947) and in 1336 (1957) it established the first "Islamic Republic" state. Pakistan is commonly known as "Pak", especially in the Indian subcontinent....
What is IRNG ?
Iran National Grid Code
National Iranian network code - a letter-numeric code for determining location in a simple way for the general user...
What is DCR ?
Decatur Hi-Way Airport is a public airport with the IATA DCR code, which has a lawn landing runway and a runway length of 612 meters. The airport is classified as an airport of entry by NAV USA and is located at an altitude of 257 meters above sea level....
What is EOR ?
Equipe Olympique des Réfugiés
The EOR is the code for another non-nation team, the Refugee Olympic Team. The code is based on the French name: Equipe Olympique des Réfugiés. Refugees are people who had to leave their home countries to escape war, violence, conflict or persecution, according to the United Nations...
What is CIT ?
California Institute of Technology
California Institute of technology (CIT)known as CalTech is a private, research and accredited university located in Pasadena, California. The university was founded in 1891. The institute has 2,100 students from which 900 undergraduate students are studying. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which belongs to NASA, is run by the University. Caltech also excellent opportunities for the study and implementation of music, theatre and Visual Arts offers a ... all activities that fulfill the mission of Caltech for the role in the realization of the mission of the institution "education students outstanding to become members of the creative community" role....
What is KFZ ?
Kish Free Zone
Kfz is one of the seven free regions of Iran which is located in Hormozgan province. Kish Free Zone includes the islands of Kish, etc. , etc. farour and farour is small and the administration, it is the responsibility of the enterprise, which is the responsibility of flared from the Supreme Council of free trade - industrial zones of the country, preparation, and adoption has been.
< br>Kish is Iran's first free zone and its main reputation for its recreation. The island is one of the main destinations of Iranian tourists.

The Island, shaped oval, with a length of 15 km and a width of 7 km and an area of approximately 91 sq km in terms of breadth, etc. the second largest island in Persian Gulf after Qeshm is. Kish historically has commercial records, so that the center of commercial communication between India, Iran and Mesopotamia is considered. The major trade of Kish Island in the past has been pearls....