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What is AGC ?
Auto Gain Contro
(AGC) is a light-controlling technology in CCTV cameras that is present in most CCTV cameras today.AGC technology was originally used as an option in CCTV cameras, which over time were placed in most CCTV cameras produced by the world's leading brands such as Dahua and Hayek vision, and today is a basic mechanism for all CCTV cameras.
AGC mechanism function:
if we want to examine how the CCTV mechanism works, it can be said that in all CCTV cameras, in conditions of reduced ambient light, the aperture of the camera becomes more open, and as a result, the amount of light received by the CCTV image chip increases. This function leads to an improvement in the quality of images captured by CCTV in poor optical conditions. However, in environments where light is extremely low, reinforcement mechanisms will be needed to improve the quality of the images.
the AGC mechanism is essentially an electronic mechanism for amplifying and adjusting ambient light.
in the AGC mechanism, when ambient light decreases, this technology uses electronic amplification to amplify image signals, and eventually the image is displayed more brightly. Of course, we should note that this image light amplification also has a big flaw that ultimately leads to electronic noise in the form of tiny, colored grains in the image....
What is IAP ?
ISDN Access Interworking Profile
This standard is relatively unknown, but continues to offer a high level of comfort. This specification makes it possible to use some of the convenience features of the ISDN such as caller ID and waiting for a call to the DECT phone. Almost every current DECT phone supports IAP....
What is GAP ?
Generic Access Profile
GAP is the further development of the DECT standard and the least common denominator for the joint operation of DECT devices from different manufacturers. For example, Gigaset DECT phones on FRITZ!Box or FRITZ!Fons work on Speedport....
What is DECT ?
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
DECT stands for advanced digital wireless communications. Is a standard for voice communication and wireless data. Most Fritz boxes! They can serve as base DECT stations. This means that wireless phones like Fritz models!Fon can be Fritz!Box registered....
What is EARC ?
Enhanced Audio Return Channel
The Advanced Audio Return Channel, or eARC for short, is the next generation ARC implemented in the HDMI 2.1 specification.

eARC's main advantage over ARC is the widespread increase in bandwidth and speed. This makes it possible to send much more complex audio signals from the TV to the audio tape or AV receiver, since there is practically no need for compression anymore.
< br>eARC specification allows up to 32 audio channels, including 24-bit/192 kHz data streams uncompressed up to a maximum of 38 Mbps.

This bandwidth theoretically allows all current audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and even object-based formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X to be transmitted through the eARC channel without compression.

In addition, the use of HDMI eARC should make the handshake between compatible devices much smoother and address the need for HDMI-CEC activation. The eARC standard specifies a separate data channel that allows data exchange and information control between connected devices....
What is DTF ?
Digital Tape Format
Digital Tape Format is a magnetic tape data storage format developed by Sony. It uses a 1/2-inch wide strip in a cassette tape with two pulleys, written and read by the spiral scanning process. The template is described by ECMA standards 248 (adopted June 1998) and ISO/IEC 15731. Two sizes of cassette tape "S"and " L"....
What is POE ?
Power Over Ethernet
Pi O stands Forrr in simple language the technology of transmitting electrical energy through network cables.

Power Over Ethernet, the mechanism of the standard, IEEE 802.3 af, which is the duty of sending the electricity on the network cable is responsible.

in the event that you are CCTV camera, network, or IP Camera, you can use the Switch PoE, they will turn on.

In addition, in the event that your organization has the IP Phone or antenna wireless access point is, you can power this equipment also through the Switch, PoE, supply here. < < > > in simple terms is actually a new technology that allows a network cable to transmit electrical energy in addition to data transmission.< < A > for example: < < U>consider a CCTV camera that we intend to install en in the exterior of the building. Surveillance for performance, correct to two connections (cable) requires:

a network connection: to interact with the NVR or the monitor
power connector: for powering the electric force necessary
with this if the camera has PoE is, for these two types of connector rise to a cable network will require that both data transfer and power energy necessary to provide....
What is PAM ?
Plasma Arc Machining
Plasma arc machining (PAM) is a process used in compressed air as a plasma gas. When the air is subjected to high arc temperatures, it decomposes into its constituent gases due to the fact that the oxygen in the resulting plasma is very active, the cutting speed increases to about 2 25. A drawback of this method is that usually a level of highly oxidized, etc. Especially with stainless steel comes also forecast should have no impurities, with push fit be maintained for the work of the compressor used in this procedure to replace the tungsten electrodes copper used zeja tungsten or oxygen react life no attention to the materials used in the short is to increase the life of the electrode from the flow to the bottom of the oxygen de piercings Nazli, who nitrogen as the gas shear, the main among which passes have been used with the use of mixed gas of 80% nitrogen and 20% Oxygen-speed steel cutting software to 25 % of the lot.< < > only electrically conductive materials such as stainless steel nickel cream luminium and luminium can be machined by air plasma method. Machining with air plasma to cut a plate of steel to a thickness of 6.25 is half the cost of gas and injection methods because in this method, air is used as a carrier of plasma and protective gas. Industrial machines have automatic arc starting equipment, which ensures high and reliable initial shear speed. This shear velocity is three to five times higher than the conventional gas biting velocity....