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Acronym References

فهرستی از پربازديدترين کلمات مخفف ديده شده

What is PRC
People Republic of China
People\'s Republic of China, known as China, the most populous country in the world with over 1.3 billion people, inhabi
What is CEO
Chief Executive Officer
Managing director (CEO), the usually high-ranking, the most responsible for the administrative (executive) or the chief
What is VS
VS stands for the word Versus, meaning against ...
for example, in the war, pitched say : player A Vs player number
What is نوپو
نیروی ویژه پاد وحشت
Special force iPod panic with the abbreviated name one of the Special Forces police force of the Islamic Republic of Ir
What is UK
United Kingdom
United Kingdom or United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ire
What is ATM
Automated Teller Machine
ATM that sometimes , etc. for personal banks and Annie Banks, also called a device E that to the bank customers, this al
What is USD
United States Dollar
The US dollar, the unit currency of the United States of America (USD). The Congress of the United States on 6 July 1785
What is EU
European Union
The EU is a Economic Union-the political is that of the 27 European countries is formed. The origin of the European Unio
What is PDF
Portable Document Format
Extension the three-letter and specify a texture file, e-book in the program Adobe Acrobat. This name is short for Porta
What is BFF
Best Friend Forever
Means best friend forever eternally
What is ASL
Age, Sex, Location
Usually, in conversations, the internet, etc. of the word (principle) ASL for asking information the opposite side.
What is UAE
United Arab Emirates
The United Arab Emirates( U. A. E ), or Emirates, an absolute monarchy federal in south-western Asia, and in the east of
What is NPO
Nil Per Os
NPO stands for Nil Per Os (Nothing by Mouth) means to refrain from eating food by mouth and only drinking fluids for a p
What is اتکا
اداره تدارکات کارمندان ارتش
Administration, Logistics, Staff, Army
What is RIP
Rested In Peace
This word stands on the grave stone, Christians are written, and means quiet taken in peace.
What is پ.ن
Name (with the symbol of the abbreviation C. N) wrote that after the statue, the original of a letter or text added to i
What is فاتب
فرماندهی انتظامی تهران بزرگ
The command of the police in Tehran
What is فاوا
فن آوری اطلاعات و ارتباطات
Fava broad term encompasses all the advanced technology, how to communicate and transmit data in system communication. T
What is GN
Good Night
Words, GN is typically, in accordance with the internet ( chat ) means good night or The Good Night.
What is سمپاد
سازمان ملی پرورش استعدادهای درخشان
The National Organization, education, talent and organizational is the Academic Affairs, students are prone with high IQ