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What is ACC ?
Asian Cricket Council
The yensia Cricket Association () is an organization founded in 1362 (1983) to support the sport of cricket in yensia. The yensia Cricket Association is one of the International Cricket Association and currently consists of 43 unions that are members of the yen. The current chairman of the association is The Order of Hassan papel....
What is WAL ?
World Armwrestling League
Born in the city of Victoria، British Columbia Canada. "Larat" became interested in wrists from early adolescence. After joining the Canadian Special Forces, he continued training and competitions, earning a large part of his prestige and experience in various military barracks . In 2013 larat underwent arm and arm surgery, which forced him to play matches only in the "left hand". In the year 2016, also under the same action on the answers left hand was, but quickly recovered, and in the same year have the same hands, in the World League wrists launch of WAL abbreviation for World Armwrestling League win.< < > in 2008, the legendary wristball championr Ozenk Larat failed. He is also the first person to win both hands at the same time. In 2015 larat won the heavyweight category (between 89 and 102 kg) "left-handed" INL A titlel he also took third place in "right-handed". In 2016 larat managed to defend his" left-handed " title of the tournament and also won the "right-handed" Championship in the heavyweight category. He achieved the same results again in 2017, repeating his championship in the ynba tournament in both "right hand" and "left hand" in the heavyweight category. In 2018, in the "right hand" tournament, he lost the final againstl He Todd in the Super Heavyweight category. Later that year in the match 50 in the "left hand" lost 0-6 against denis cyp el. Devon larat and yen meet at 121 kg, which larat wins 3-1. In 2019 larat won 506 matches with the Brazilian professional championr Dr Dr D in the Tournamentl A and won the game convincingly 3-1 (the most possible wins in the dominant 5-overs ranking ). During these events, the largest larat weighed a maximum of about 124 kg....
What is IRISSF ?
Iranian Shooting Sport Federation
The shooting federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran (English acronym :r OAISSF and international code :R OAR) is the location of the shooting sports administration in Iran....
What is UWW ?
United World Wrestling
Union World Wrestling (UWW) International Federation for the sport of wrestling is that in 1912, was established and headquartered in the city of Lausanne. Swiss is located. The World Wrestling Championship is held annually in three sections: men's wrestling men's wrestling men's wrestling women's wrestling the Federation.

This organization in the past, the International Federation of styles correlated ship (French: Fédération Internationale des Luttes Associées) with the abbreviated name filata (FILA) was called, and from September 2014 its name to the World Wrestling began to change.

The International Union of ship now 174 member of the ... presidency, it is the responsibility of of Serbia, and is the entity governing the sport of wrestling in the world, and the representative of the sport in the International Olympic Committee to come.< < > the World Wrestling Alliance is one of the newest and most advanced sports federations in the world and has so far adopted the toughest rules for the sport of yenzad wrestling and greco-roman wrestling around the world....
What is WCC ?
Formula One World Constructors' Championship
The title of constructors of the Formula One world champion (WCC) is awarded by the International Automobile Federation on the basis of points obtained from the result of the Grand Prix to the most successful constructor at the end of each season of Formula One racing. The first constructors ' champion trophy, the International Cup for Formula One manufacturers, was awarded to Van Waal's team in the 1958 season.< < > constructors ' championship points for a constructor are calculated from the sum of points earned by each constructor's drivers per season. Prior to the 1979 season, the only points scored by a driver from a constructors team with the highest score were taken into account to calculate a constructor's rating and place in the constructors ' championship rankings. In just ten cases, the constructors who won the world constructors 'championship did not include a driver who had won the World Drivers' Championship in the same season.< < >over the 63 seasons in which the Constructors ' World Championship title has been awarded.only 15 different constructors have won the title. Of these builders Scuderia Ferrari has been the most successful with 16 championships and 6 consecutive championships from the 1999-2004 season. The world champion constructors have had only 5 different nationalities: Great Britain (33 championships with 10 different constructors)، Italy (16 with Ferrari). Germany (8 with Mercedes). Austria (4 with Red Bull) and France (3 with two constructors). However, all the titles acquired with the nationality of German, Austrian, and French, by the cars obtained have that design, build, and drive it in the tournament by the team of the root, the British have been conducted. Among drivers who have won at least one constructors ' championship, Michael Schumacher has an unofficial record in winning six titles for the Ferrari team, all in a row. Schumacher has won the title of World Drivers ' Champion by winning five of Ferrari's championships. Lewis Hamilton also played a significant role in winning 8 consecutive Mercedes championship titles from 2014 to 2021 and 6 seasons as World Drivers Champion....
What is BWF ?
Badminton World Federation
The Badminton World Federation (BWF), abbreviated as "BWF", is an international sports federation that was formed in 1934....
What is FCIM ?
Football Club Internazionale Milano
Internazionale Milano (FCIM), commonly known as Inter Milan or Inter ، is a professional football club in the city of Milan, Italy. Inter are the only Italian team not to be relegated to Serie B and one of the best and most popular teams in Europe to achieve significant success over the years. The pinnacle of their career was in 2010 when Mourinho led them to win the European triathlon and become the absolute success of European football.

the club on 9 March 1908 ad, by group included fifteen patients (Giorgio , etc. , etc., Lana, etc. , etc. ٱ, etc. Enrico , etc. Arturo , etc. Carlo , etc. Pietro , etc. Hugo , etc. Hans , etc. , etc. , etc. and Carlo ) who believed in equality, players, and human, and use the same from foreign players and indigenous groups. has been established.

club Inter Milan has the honors of several, such as the 3 championships in the Champions League (twice consecutively in the years 1964 and 1965 and another in 2010), No. 3 championships in the UEFA Cup, etc. 19 Championship in Serie A, Italy, 8 of the Cup, football, Italy, 6 championship in , football, Italy, 2 Cup Intercontinental (Football) And 1 championship in the World Cup Football Clubs of the world in the workbook and with the acquisition of the 42 Cup., the ninth team, glorious in five league authentic European. The club managed to win five league titles in a row from 2006 to 2010. In the 2009-10 season, Inter won the Coppa Italia Serie A and the Champions League, becoming the first Italian team to win the Triple Crown....
What is EFL ?
English Football League
The English Football League is an abbreviation of the yen, also known for promotional reasons as the Ann Power Football League, the name of a league involving professional football association teams from the countries of England and Wales. The league was founded in 1888 and is the oldest football league in the world. The league remained the highest tier in English football until 1992, when in 1992, the league's top 22 teams broke away from the league and created the Premier League (the number of Premier League teams was reduced to 20 in 1995).

The Football League England because of the cooperation with the company brand, and sell, the name of the league, with the name of the other, including the Premier League, Barclays, etc., League ., the Coca- Football League and... also be known.since 1995, the number of teams in the league has been 72, divided into three separate leagues: the Championship، the League One English football، the League Two English football....