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Acronym References

What is CSC ?
Kaskanet is an angle Al equal to the inverse of the sine. We display the cascant with The symbol....
What is SEC ?
Secant (Sec) the ratio of the size of the chord to the size of the adjacent side to the zav is discussed in the Triangle of the rule is required.

ك angle, alpha, equal to the inverse cosine of it. We're going to show you the silence....
What is COS ?
Cosine (Cos) is one of the trigonometric ratios. The old term for this ratio in old mathematics and astrology has been the whole pocket....
What is SIN ?
Sine (Sin) is a kind of trigonometric function for an angle. the name sine is derived from the Sanskrit word Jiva. The word in Arabic, into the pocket and became, after the translation of Arabic texts into Latin, the translator that it's wrong, etc. pockets (meaning wrestle in. chest) read were the words to the sinus (meaning more armpit) .< < >in the Triangle rule The ratio of the opposite side of each acute angle to the chord is called the sine angle. sine was called "pocket" in ancient Arabic and Persian texts....
What is COT ?
Cotangent (Cot) is one of the trigonometric ratios that are widely used in mathematics, astronomy, and physics, and used to be called darkness.< < > this trigonometric ratio is defined as: the ratio of the adjacent side of any acute angle to the opposite side of en.< < - > the cotangent function is a function alternating with the periodicity of pi. Infinitely asymptotes have and no continuity....
What is TAN ?
Tangent (in French: Tangente) is one of the trigonometric proportions. < < - > the diagram of the tangent function is as follows. This function: - not continuous. - is alternating (with periodic ). - has infinite vertical asymptotes.

in the charts that The Shape of a function's show, the slope graph(or a line tangent to the graph) at any point is equal to The angle at which the line tangent to that point of the curve, with the positive direction of the horizontal axis(the X-axis) makes....
What is HDH ?
The solar humidification–dehumidification method (HDH) is a thermal water desalination method. It is based on evaporation of sea water or brackish water and subsequent condensation of the generated humid air, mostly at ambient pressure. This process mimics the natural water cycle, but over a much shorter time frame....
What is FO ?
Forward Osmosis
Forward osmosis (FO) is an osmotic process that, like reverse osmosis (RO), uses a semi-permeable membrane to effect separation of water from dissolved solutes. The driving force for this separation is an osmotic pressure gradient, such that a \"draw\" solution of high concentration (relative to that of the feed solution), is used to induce a net flow of water through the membrane into the draw solution, thus effectively separating the feed water from its solutes. In contrast, the reverse osmosis process uses hydraulic pressure as the driving force for separation, which serves to counteract the osmotic pressure gradient that would otherwise favor water flux from the permeate to the feed. Hence significantly more energy is required for reverse osmosis compared to forward osmosis....