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What is UPX ?
Ultimate Packer for Executables
The ups, the X (UPX stands for the Ultimate Packer for Executables) is a tool open source and free for packaging (Packing) files of the executive is that of the different formats on different platforms support.

UPX, using compression algorithm given the name of UCL, which is an implementation of open source algorithms NRV (abbreviation:Not Really Vanished) is used.< < - > .L and is designed so that the -y action can be implemented in just a few hundred bytes. U does not require any additional memory for decomp oession....
What is FLAG ?
Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe
The global fiber optic network or flag is a network of submarine communication cables 28 0 000 km long that connects many countries in the world....
What is MIPS ?
Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipelined Stages
Arm, a Architecture instruction set (ISA) for computers, low recipe (RISC) : A-1 : 19 that is, by MIPS Technologies (MIPS Computer Systems of the former) is developed. The initial MIPS architecture was 32-bit، and 64-bit versions were later added to . There are numerous versions of MIPS including: MIPS IV, III ,II, I and V ؛ as well as five MIPS 64/32 Tori (respectively for 32 and 64-bit implementations). From 2017 buy MIPS version 64/32 is 6 distribution. The fundamental difference between MIPS 64/32 and MIPS V- is the definition of an auxiliary processor for controlling the system in kernel mode with special rights in addition to the user mode architecture.

several plugin optionally also available, including ARM, three-dimensional, which a simple set of floating-point, multi-data, that is, to the duties of the three-dimensional common district. MDMX (or MadMaX) which is a set of more comprehensive, multi-data for integers is floating point 64, uses, etc. MIPS16e is that compression to the flow of orders adds up to a program of less space to occupy, and arm, MT, which is the ability adds.< < > most computer architecture courses at universities and technical schools study MIPS architecture. Newer risk architectures such as lfa have largely embraced this architecture.< < - > fromuril 2017 MIPS processors are used in latent systems such as local gateways and routers. In Gaz، MIPS was designed for general computing. In the 1980s and 1990s, many companies such as Digital Equipment Corporation , MIPS Computer Systems, NEC , Pyramid Technology , SiCortex , Siemens Nixdorf , Silicon Graphics, and Tandem Computers processors ARM, for personal computers, etc. the work stations and computers, servers were used. Historically, gaming consoles such as the Nintendo 64 the PlayStation 2 the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation Mobile used MIPS processors. Also in the 1990s, MIPS processors were popular in supercomputers، but all of these systems have been removed from The 500 list (five hundred supercomputers). These uses were initially accommodated by embedded applications، but in the 1990s MIPS occupied a large part of the embedded processor market.and in the 2000s most MIPS processors were used in the field. In the mid to late 1990s, it was estimated that one in every three risk microprocessors produced was a MIPS processor....
What is SPI ?
Serial Peripheral Interface Bus
The serial lateral communication bus (SPI) is a synchronized serial data link named by Motorola that operates in fully two-way Mode. This type of communication is used in short distances with only one "Overlord" such as latent systems، sensors and SD cards.In this type of communication devices communicate in the form of Master / Slave, which in en the master device sets up data frames. It is also possible to communicate with several slaves with selection lines separate from a common line. Sometimes for separation SPI of 3-wire serial crossings two wires and one wire also called 4-wire serial crossings....
What is ARM ?
Advanced RISC Machine
rem architecture is a type of architecture and structure of computer processors designed by the British company rem Holdings, which is more applied to smartphones، tablets and portable devices. Yenorm architecture processes 32-bit and 64-bit instructions and has been in development and expansion since the 1980s. rem Holdings is not a processor manufacturer and sells certificates of rem architecture to semiconductor manufacturers. Companies also easily produce their chips based on the yenrem architecture. Among the companies that design their processors based on the rem architecture include Apple in its proprietary chips Samsung Electronics in Exynos processors Vidya in Tegra processors and Qualcomm in Snapdragon processors. The rm architecture is designed to require only about 35 thousand transistors for the core of the processor, which makes the processor very low in consumption، less hot and does not require cooling or fans, unlike the 86 architecture used in Intel and AMD processors, which requires millions of transistors and thus increases power consumption and heating nan....
What is BLAST ?
Basic Local Alignment Search Tool
Blast is the name of an application in cellular and Molecular Sciences and genetics that is the basis tool for searching for local superpositions. This tool is part of the qualitative information collection of the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

with the app can be the sequence of amino acids in proteins, or the sequence of nucleotides in DNA, together compare. This software allows the researcher to compare a sequence with another sequence or sequence that exists in the database. Identifying the sequences in the database that most closely resembles the desired sequence is another feature of this software. According to the type of sequence, different types of blasts are possible. For example, if an unknown gene in a mouse that hasn't previously provided information it needs to be investigated.a researcher would prefer to blast this sequence with the human genome. This application was designed in (M National School of Health America). Blast is one of the most used software in bioinformatics, which makes the desired comparison with optimal speed. Speed shows its importance when facing the full genome. Before designing this software, comparing sequences was very time consuming....
What is CATIA ?
Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application
Katia stands for a computer-aided design software-computer-aided engineering and Computer-Aided Manufacturing that is manufactured by Dassault Systems. Yen BM is also involved in the marketing and sales of this software with Dassault Systems.

CATIA in 1977 by the airlines French Avions Marcel Dassault", which at that time, the client software CADAM for the development of fighter aircraft Mirage Dassault, Development Alliance. It was later adopted by aerospace - automotive - shipbuilding and other industries.

At first, CATI (conception assee tridimensionnelle interactive - French for three-dimensional design three-dimensional with the help of) the name of CATIA renamed in 1981 when Dassault, a subsidiary to develop and sell the software, village and distribution agreement non exclusive distribution with IBM signed.

in 1984, the company Boeing CATIA V2 as the most important tools CAD 3D chose and the customer it was.< < - >in 1988 CATIA V3 was moved from mainframe computers to Unix.

in 1990, the company General Dynamics Electric Boat Corp Katya as the most important tool 3D CAD for the design of the submarine class, Virginia, United States Navy chose. Also since 1978 Lockheed sold its system worldwide via The BMW channel.< < - > in 1992 CADAM was purchased from IBM and was released 4 years later.

in 1996, from one to four Unix operating systems, including IBM AIX , Silicon Graphics, GXP , Sun Microsystems SunOS, and Hewlett-Packard HP-UX moved.

in 1998. version, V5 was released and one version is completely rewritten from CATIA with support for Unix, etc., Windows NT, and Windows XP (since 2001), respectively.

in the year of 2000, problems caused by incompatibility between versions of CATIA (version 4 and Version 5), due to the years, and delay the project in production of the Airbus A380 to the cost of 6٫1 billion.< < >in 2008, it Launchedu 6. While the server can run on Microsoft Windows Linux or customer support for any operating system other than Microsoft Windows was removed.

in the month of November 2010, Dassault Systèmes CATIA V6R2011x, the latest version PLM2.0 platform launches, etc. while continuing to support and improve the software CATIA V5 continued its.in 2011u launchedl 6 and 2012.< < w > Launchedu WL 6 2013 in 2012.

in the year 2014, Dassault Systèmes launched 3DEXPERIENCE Platform R2014x and CATIA on the cloud, a version of the cloud from your app launches, and many of the corporate world, such as Boeing, etc., Airbus, etc., Audi,... from users of this software to the process....
What is I2P ?
Invisible Internet Project
The current version of the secret internet project, or abbreviated2 2P ،, is an overlapping network that allows software applications to communicate with each other under an unrealistic and secure name. Services including web browsing، blogging chatting and transferring files anonymously. The software that the idea is practical, has built I2P is called and a computer running I2P run have a node I2P be reincarnated. < < > this software is open source and published with different licenses. The name I2P of know words, The Invisible Internet Project, which has been a symbol pseudo-math for I2P and then for simply for I2P accordingly.< < >< < > the project was developed by the 2 group and was the first release of en in 2003. The software is multi-platform and is written in and Java language and is still in development....