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Acronym References

What is SUB ?
Subtitles (SUB) text, saying, or translation of a film, documentary, etc. television series and... is that an alien language (for the deaf and from the original language) and the main speakers program demo for of written text, and usually in the following display appear....
What is GIT ?
GNU Interactive Tools
Gate (Git) is a software version control and model free software and open source to reload the source code distribution and management of source code is to follow the change computer files and follow up work done on it by different people. The primary purpose of this software for use in software projects has been, but it can be used only for looking up changed files are used.

gate first, for the development of Linux by Linus arose and now the project of it have inspired. Any directory working on the gate, a tank full with a complete history of changes and ability to reload it is to work with, it does not need to access to the network or central server does not exist.

gate is free software under which, as a photoluminescent version 2 is distributed.

26 July 2015 Juneau responsible for the maintenance of the project gate is....
What is B ?
Byte one of The basic measure of the amount of data in the computer, and the means for eight-bit sequences. Also, in many programming languages, a data type (Data Type) is defined with this name exists.

A Byte equivalent of a character is in the processor's 8-bit equal to the length of the registers, the number of bits calculated in the unit calculation, and the logic processor, the number of lines of Path Data (Data Bus), or the number of lines, the track address (Address Bus) is....
What is VM ?
Virtual machine
In Computer Science the virtual machine (VM) that is on a computer can be implemented. This implement is thought to be a real computer running programs, yogurt.

a virtual machine, in the beginning, by Popek and Goldberg for \"a copied version of a real car, etc. for Kara, and the isolated\" was defined. Use current, virtual machines will be included which have no connection with the real hardware don't.

virtual machines, based on use and degree of relationship to the real car, the two main categories are divided. A virtual machine system, an infrastructure computational the perfect provides that from execution of a complete operating system support. In contrast, a virtual machine process, for the implementation of a program unit designed, that this means that merely a particular process support. An important characteristic of a virtual machine, this is the software that within it are running, etc., with sources and levels of abstraction, by which the virtual machine is applied, etc. is restricted – i.e. can't be from the virtual world out....
What is MOOD ?
Materials Object-Oriented Database
Materials, database, object oriented...
What is WAL ?
Write-Ahead Logging
s of event journalism before writing (WAL) to ensure integrity of data uses. In summary, the original concept of WAL this is that changes to data files (the location of the storage table, and list) only if should be done when the changes event journalism have been, and records event journalism related in memory, the permanent is recorded. In this case, if the incidence of the bug in the implementation of the database, we can use the events recorded the data to retrieve....
What is EAP ?
Early Access Version
A new version of the software that is earlier than the official introduction, it for used....
What is DEAL ?
Data Encryption Algorithm with Larger Blocks
The encryption algorithms to data with larger blocks (in other words, encryption)...