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What is BLAST ?

Basic Local Alignment Search Tool

Blast is the name of an application in cellular and Molecular Sciences and genetics that is the basis tool for searching for local superpositions. This tool is part of the qualitative information collection of the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

with the app can be the sequence of amino acids in proteins, or the sequence of nucleotides in DNA, together compare. This software allows the researcher to compare a sequence with another sequence or sequence that exists in the database. Identifying the sequences in the database that most closely resembles the desired sequence is another feature of this software. According to the type of sequence, different types of blasts are possible. For example, if an unknown gene in a mouse that hasn't previously provided information it needs to be investigated.a researcher would prefer to blast this sequence with the human genome. This application was designed in (M National School of Health America). Blast is one of the most used software in bioinformatics, which makes the desired comparison with optimal speed. Speed shows its importance when facing the full genome. Before designing this software, comparing sequences was very time consuming.