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Acronym References

What is AVSEQ ?
Audio-Visual Sequencer
AVSEQ is an audio-visual sequencer puzzle game....
What is JVM ?
Java Virtual Machine
The Java Virtual Machine allows any program written in Java to run on any computer/device that has a Java Virtual Machine....
What is POJO ?
Plain Old Java Object
Pojo (a simple Java object) is a Java programming language, a modification used for the same simple Java classes you wrote many times. And this word was created in the face of something like EJB that you had to inherit from a certain set of classes and implement a certain set of methods, and ... you implemented a general summary of the terms and conditions. The opposite term is that your class follows the specific rules of another class....
What is LCP ?
Largest Contentful Paint
LCP means the time it takes for the largest content element to be displayed on the page, loaded and rendered, and in the viewport. (From SEO techniques)...
What is YNAXDH ?
Yes, No, Always yes, Exit, Differenc, Help
This phrase commands commonly seen and poses in this mode, the 6 different options to run with you.

Y: yes accept
n: no decline
a: always yes accept all
x: abort out of the command
d: difference view the changes you
h: help, view the help text...
What is PLA ?
Product Listing Ads
PLA stands for Product Listing Ad. These are a Google ad format that generally ranks at the top of a search result, and feature images of products. Products are uploaded to Google via an XML feed that is sent to the Google Merchant Center....
What is SHOT ?
Shout Out
The phrase the shot on Instagram, the more it is used and should know that the phrase shot is absolutely incorrect. The phrase Shot to the meaning of the photo, a short piece of film or shoot down is, and its meaning has nothing to do with the phrase Shoutout no.

The So-Called Shot August in the app Instagram, namely, page, Instagram, another user (e.g., a friend or a Friend you) a screen shot of preparation. and in page Instagram yourself get published.

shot August in , in fact, a method for advertising on Instagram is that nowadays so much the fashion, and some also make good money from this method in them.
if a page in Instagram, you have a lot of people you follow, you also can use this method earn....