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Acronym References

What is DX ?
Direct X
Direct X (DirectX) set of programming interfaces software (APIs) that the things related to the environment, sharing multimedia on platforms, Microsoft is responsible. From specific applications, IT, programming, computer games, etc. video is three-dimensional. Operating system DOS allowed direct access to the cards. MOV, keyboard, mouse, audio devices and other parts of the system and provides help, while the Windows 95 memory model, protected, released, and programmers, allowing direct access to hardware did not like. Microsoft has a quick solution for programmers would need. (supervisor development), St. John's and (program director) together to solve this problem with a solution that finally DirectX was called the ... cooperation. The first version of DirectX in September, 1995 was published....
What is CURL ?
Client URL
Caorle (cURL) is a software computer that the library and Tools interface the command line for the transfer of data between the various provides.Project cURL product cURL and libcurl produces.This software the first time in the Year 1997 was the release of found....
What is PY ?
Python (Python) an integrated environment of software development, all-purpose, level and high, , etc. scripting, and open source is that by Ream in 1991 in the Netherlands was designed....
What is AVD ?
Android Virtual Device
Virtual simulator for the Android operating system...
What is VCS ?
Version Control System
Version control or source control is a system to control and measure changes the unit of information involved in creating a software program. Unit information and this could include source files, etc. directories, etc. Mick, files, objects, software and ... source control, especially where the importance of finds that the programmer ask the resource in common work. In this case, is that concepts like comparison. composition, interference and ... AGO come that source control must be able to perfect solution for each offer. Nowadays, usually the software for this work used. However, still there are companies that of the old methods like having a text file in any folder, hard copy and ... using it can be....
What is HEIC ?
High-Efficiency Image Container
File video very high quality ( format digital )...
What is IPG ?
Internet Payment Gateway
The internet as one of the tools of the new payment makes it possible for people provided to vendors of goods and services to be able to connect the virtual store to the online payment system to simply and speed up the goods in their sell and services to offer. the
company Electronic Payment Saman (SAP) as the first payment service provider of internet in the country's banking system is that in different media, ranging from internet, mobile and payments within the program access to the internet payment possibility), and the purchase and sale of the internet, in a secure environment, high speed, prepared has.
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