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Acronym References

What is NVM ?
Node Version Manager
Program manage versions of Node...
What is SPAM ?
Stupid, Pointless Annoying Message
Spam (Spam), or fudge, or spam, meaning, message, or e-mail that no request of borrower and for the countless people sent. One of the most famous types of Spam is spam, but can-spam contains the spam in instant messaging, social networking, etc. spam in the newsgroups, Usenet, etc. spam in the comments section of the blog and Wiki pages, and Forum, News, etc that.

the first spam in 1978 by Gary fork post, he was intending to advertise his company, and left in a letter to users sent. Technically, sending spam, almost no cost is the issue, causing the company marketing, etc. to the side of it move. It's a place that send spam technical problem is not very more and more seeing the people we are come to send the spam to the process and for this reason, countries are enacted laws to combat this are....
What is S4S ?
Shout For Shout
In the U.S., this phrase means that everyone you follow in. the person you take the time to follow up. In fact, you page the person the desired screen shot, decide and in Page yourself, you put the your persuasion, you can see that he will follow. In front of that same person in case you do....
What is L4L ?
Like For Like
In the U.S., in fact, by using this term you are to others will make you realize that if you post you likes them. you also reply them likes you'll....
What is F4F ?
Follow For Follow
This so-called public Instagram, used when you want to tell if you follow them. you also follow them you get....
What is CSS3 ?
Cascading Style Sheets Third
Thirty SS (CSS) in the side of HTML, the core technology, making web pages are. Thirty SS A simple method for displaying layout and video effects (such as font type, color and size) on a page on the web.[1] thirty SS of sex, language, markup, etc. with the structure of the text simple, computers are within each, etc. orders, waterfall-like, and the day, for how to display each web page can be added. According to easier, the command procedure shown the brushes and sizes, color and backgrounds, a layout of the mosaic includes the data (walls), and many other elements of the structure of each web page, etc. within your place, you.

the most use of this language can now be specify the style of the Web page, HTML and X-HTML, but it can be used on any type of documentary X All El, including SMS, he A and X acts of will. Maintenance and change the profile of the SI, the SS the responsibility of the consortium World Wide Web is.

currently, CSS3 is the latest version of CSS is....
What is NET ?
Computer network (LAN or Network) to connect two or more systems (such as computers, laptops, and...) that the ability to transfer information between their own computer network is said to be.

data transmission can be by cable multimedia, cable, optical or wireless to be transferred.

the computer network facilitate communication among users and allow users their own resources to share.

a computer network permits sharing resources and information among devices connected to The gives. In the 60s, etc., the agency Advanced Research Projects (ARPA) Advanced Research Projects (ARPANET was) for the Ministry of defense of the United States of America secured. This is the first computer network in the world.[1] the development of the network, from 1969, based on designs developed in the 60's began....
What is PWA ?
Progressive Web Application
Apps advanced web ( PWAs ) web applications are like web pages or websites loading are but can of user functionality such as working offline, etc. push notifications and access to hardware devices, traditionally for the native app to use. PWA, the flexibility of the web with the experience of a native app combined work.

from 2005, the technologies of the web development by Tool server-side ( PHP, ASP. NET ) or the user ( Ajax ), and responsive web design from static web pages to dynamic web pages transferred .

there are apps based on this technology in devices such as 2007 in web applications with your comparison with native apps is. Native apps provide a better user experience, and boot faster compared to the need to load in the browser at run time. Packed with resources and direct access to the hardware, and allowed native apps to do much faster to provide more features. In mid-2010 continued progress in HTML5 css3and based Java significantly more capable and standard-compliant browsers with powerful processors, like the iPad, A10 and Snapdragon 820 made combination-software is a suitable alternative....