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Acronym References

What is MVVM ?
Model-View-View Model
MVVM pattern from the data connection, double-strain between the cursor ( View ) and model posing ( View, Model ) support. MVVM pattern release automatic changes in the mode model posing to posing possible does. Usually, the model facade pattern the observer to inform the changes made in the models, posing the model uses.

model: the model contains a set of classes, which is the logic of the work to identify, model also the rules work for data also specifies which other words, specifies how should the data change and manipulate them.
the facade: the facade represents the component of the user interface, such as CSS, jQuery, html, etc). The facade is only responsible for displaying the data is as a result of the model posing can be downloaded. The facade also model to the user interface become available.
model posing, model posing, responsible for showing documentation about events, methods, etc. commands, and other properties that maintain the state of the facade helped the model, as the result of the operation performed on the cursor change event in the facade creates.
this template is commonly used by WPF, Silverlight, etc. Caliburn, etc. nRoute, etc can be used.

key points about MVVM pattern :
the user with a cursor in the interaction.
The Multi-to-one between the posing and models posing there. In other words, a few posing can be a model, posing, etc. mapped to be.
the facade has a reference to model posing, but the models posing is no information about the facade, not.
from data connection two strain between the posing and models posing support....
What is ASO ?
App Store Optimization
Optimization app, or ASO for app one of the methods of marketing the app, which means it can in pop more seen, dill, and finally the installation of organic more for your app get. Download more means the number of the user, the more and number user means more more income is.

ASO called SEO application also known. These two processes, the similarities are great, including: optimization, keywords, link, and optimize the conversion rate of ( Conversion Rate Optimization ). In fact, the most important difference SEO and ASO in the factors, the impact of the case on the two processes is, of course, the point that SEO for website is considered and ASO for mobile applications can be done. Google to rank sites more than 200 factor to consider the Gives, but the invoices for the ASO the number is less.

What is NIS ?
Norton Internet Security
Norton Internet Security (NIS) software that contains the , etc. firewall and additional anti-spam been and by company Symantec has been released.

What is NVM ?
Node Version Manager
Program manage versions of Node...
What is SPAM ?
Stupid, Pointless Annoying Message
Spam (Spam), or fudge, or spam, meaning, message, or e-mail that no request of borrower and for the countless people sent. One of the most famous types of Spam is spam, but can-spam contains the spam in instant messaging, social networking, etc. spam in the newsgroups, Usenet, etc. spam in the comments section of the blog and Wiki pages, and Forum, News, etc that.

the first spam in 1978 by Gary fork post, he was intending to advertise his company, and left in a letter to users sent. Technically, sending spam, almost no cost is the issue, causing the company marketing, etc. to the side of it move. It's a place that send spam technical problem is not very more and more seeing the people we are come to send the spam to the process and for this reason, countries are enacted laws to combat this are....
What is S4S ?
Shout For Shout
In the U.S., this phrase means that everyone you follow in. the person you take the time to follow up. In fact, you page the person the desired screen shot, decide and in Page yourself, you put the your persuasion, you can see that he will follow. In front of that same person in case you do....
What is L4L ?
Like For Like
In the U.S., in fact, by using this term you are to others will make you realize that if you post you likes them. you also reply them likes you'll....
What is F4F ?
Follow For Follow
This so-called public Instagram, used when you want to tell if you follow them. you also follow them you get....