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What is MIPS ?

Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipelined Stages

Arm, a Architecture instruction set (ISA) for computers, low recipe (RISC) : A-1 : 19 that is, by MIPS Technologies (MIPS Computer Systems of the former) is developed. The initial MIPS architecture was 32-bit، and 64-bit versions were later added to . There are numerous versions of MIPS including: MIPS IV, III ,II, I and V ؛ as well as five MIPS 64/32 Tori (respectively for 32 and 64-bit implementations). From 2017 buy MIPS version 64/32 is 6 distribution. The fundamental difference between MIPS 64/32 and MIPS V- is the definition of an auxiliary processor for controlling the system in kernel mode with special rights in addition to the user mode architecture.

several plugin optionally also available, including ARM, three-dimensional, which a simple set of floating-point, multi-data, that is, to the duties of the three-dimensional common district. MDMX (or MadMaX) which is a set of more comprehensive, multi-data for integers is floating point 64, uses, etc. MIPS16e is that compression to the flow of orders adds up to a program of less space to occupy, and arm, MT, which is the ability adds.< < > most computer architecture courses at universities and technical schools study MIPS architecture. Newer risk architectures such as lfa have largely embraced this architecture.< < - > fromuril 2017 MIPS processors are used in latent systems such as local gateways and routers. In Gaz، MIPS was designed for general computing. In the 1980s and 1990s, many companies such as Digital Equipment Corporation , MIPS Computer Systems, NEC , Pyramid Technology , SiCortex , Siemens Nixdorf , Silicon Graphics, and Tandem Computers processors ARM, for personal computers, etc. the work stations and computers, servers were used. Historically, gaming consoles such as the Nintendo 64 the PlayStation 2 the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation Mobile used MIPS processors. Also in the 1990s, MIPS processors were popular in supercomputers، but all of these systems have been removed from The 500 list (five hundred supercomputers). These uses were initially accommodated by embedded applications، but in the 1990s MIPS occupied a large part of the embedded processor market.and in the 2000s most MIPS processors were used in the field. In the mid to late 1990s, it was estimated that one in every three risk microprocessors produced was a MIPS processor.