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Acronym References

What is RFB ?
Remote Framebuffer
Protocol (RFB Protocol) a simple protocol is for remote access to graphical interfaces, the user can be used and, as the name implies, at the level of the frame buffer works. This protocol, applicable on all applications and systems that are typical with Windows. From among these systems can be x11, etc. windows and Mac noted. , protocol is that network computing, virtual VNC is called and the application frequency.

though , initially as a protocol is relatively simple, arose, over time, expanded facilities added to it. Spread , features file transfer and compression in complex ways to make possible the construction and security of the system increased significantly. To maintain the compatibility of this system with implementation of various client and server, VNC etc. client and servers have to be able to use , with each other, communicate, and information exchanged. Protocol , ensures that the most appropriate selection of compression and security that any two systems client and server to be able to support it have to work.

Genesis , to 1998. , initially as a technology simple to display the remote systems came into existence. In fact, the primary application it simplify the technology available at the time. Soon, and with the development of the VNC, etc. protocol , an application, a secondary and more important. VNC as an open source software released and , as the standard protocol to work....
What is TUI ?
Text-based user interface
The user interface, text base, some kind of user interface in operating system, the computer is said to be that of text, symbols and colors available in the environment that text, is available like the terminal to your computer. terminal emulator and the console system to provide a user interface for human interaction and computer use. Some of the programs have this type of interface, and the programming for this type of interfaces of the mouse (the mouse) is also supported.

the two edit pointer, text, Emacs, and VIP (vi) the first examples of this type of interface....
What is ENT ?
Keyboard computer button, entre, or log in (Enter Key) [or button or return (Return Key) on the Mac OS, and more Sun Microsystems] for interface, command line and graphical user interface goes to work. Sometimes the button for pressing OK in the computer goes to work.

position by pressing the key usually in the bottom right of the keypad....
What is ScrLk ?
Scroll Lock
Key Scroll Lock on the page the arrow keys, compatible with IBM-type on and off is that the performance of the arrow keys to move provider, the cursor will determine. In a number of applications, (which is usually the mouse does not recognise), and also in some spreadsheet programs, turn the key, Scroll Lock, etc., pressing the arrow keys causes while korsør in place to remain the entire page in the direction of the desired move. But when the keyboard Scroll Lock is off, the cursor is to move.

other application the key, " the role of the switch between languages in some software. for example, at the level of the dos with the implementation of the program, the English maker like Sepand "that the set of codes table of ASCII the English characters can be converted" can be used by pressing this key the keyboard to English or English ... the quirks in some of the program that Windows operating system work; also establishes the. For example, in software, Dehkhoda dictionary, which, in accordance with the table codes, ski in Das design. can be used by pressing the scroll lock keyboard to English or English....
What is PrtScn ?
Print Screen
The key print screen or print the page, the title Key on the keyboard that is usually used for copying, of the computer display into the clipboard used for taking the view the active window can be combined cock and key print screen use. In Windows 7 and 8 combine the Windows key and the key virtue of the stored image, the mouse in the folder designated....
What is FN ?
Button operation Fn a button on the page the arrow keys to today's computers. pressing this button can cause the operating system to a commentator, or a program command that certain actions will do....
What is ESC ?
Key, Netscape, or the Esc or flight " page of the key computer was born in 1960 and the key to getaway to a "breakers or stop a" replica. " the key that the computer says, proceed not, so you stop now.

keyboard computer was born in 1960, when a programmer IBM named Bob (Bob Bemer) are trying to fix the problem of Tower of Babel. The computer manufacturing company to a variety of methods with codes to communicate. The key to getaway invented by , etc. was the process by which programmers to switch between one code to another code they used. A little later, and when computer codes to your leadership . standard. The ESC key as a "cut-off or stop" replica....
What is MIUI ?
MI User Interface
Can (pronounced for Me You I) name var (Firmware) for mobile phones that is the company has based open source operating system Android has been developed.

feature this randy " the interface is heavily modified it is, so that the App Drawer Android aside and very similar to a user interface of iPhone OS Apple interface Touch Wiz Samsung company. This custom ROM (Custom ROM) contains the functions add, that are in rom original Android not be found, including new software and a dedicated player, Music, Gallery, record the call, user interface, camera, and dialer modified that by writing each number contacts the number the number entered is close to the show.

name of 2 parts (MI) and (UI) is formed. The second part of it that is ), for the words, the user interface (User Interface). According to Lee Joon, etc., the CEO of Xiaomi, etc. the first part of it, namely, you know, for the phrase mobile internet (Mobile Internet) and Mission Impossible (Mission Impossible).

the core can in the past for the source of the package were published and, consequently, with a butterfly JP El Linux kernel in Paradox. The effect of the critics to this issue., source code, phone, 've 2 and 2 on October 25, 2013 on the website of gate hub were released....