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Acronym Finder

What is XML ?
eXtensible Markup Language
Create technology X the El or markup language (eXtensible Markup Language), it should be without doubt one of the most basic and most fundamental steps to take into account that in the path, solve the problem of scalability in the modern internet is removed. After creating x! el by the consortium, the world, including (W3C) in 1996 (Gregorian), the practitioners of many projects calculations extensive to the widespread use of it, the fear.

now, diversity, etc. the amount of, and the dimensions of the abundant employing the x-TH El in most areas and structures of the internet today to be truly amazing. Just as examples, you should be reminded that almost all technology, web services, etc. scalable vector graphics., the final PDF, and many other items, only with the x-TH El do.

The reason and how this applies to intelligible, easier, and understand the all-encompassing, the more the internet now, and in particular, to familiarize with the strategies of the human for paving the way, along and expand it in the future, will be adopted. is of significant importance....
What is AJAX ?
Asynchronous jаvascript And XML
A collection of standards and technology, is to help, they can be programs, web-based production that easily with users interact. With the use of these technologies and with the help of the transfer small pieces of data and information from computer servant (Server), the web pages from passive mode removed, and the reactions appropriate, events are doing. , architecture for new web applications is that speed is very much expanding. and less internet user is still to one of the pages that with this architecture have made the world, and of the capabilities of its super benefit is not. Gmail, Google Map, Google Suggest, etc. Orkut, and the names of familiar ... examples are from the application, . Using this architecture, web pages interact very well with users. Also, the most important advantage of this architecture is that other to do anything, etc. do not need the Web page loaded again.

collection technologies, ingredients, include:
Show standard, with the use of X HTML and C SS
display the dynamics and interaction using the Document Object Model
exchange and data manipulation using XML and XSLT, etc.
data recovery is non- using XMLHttpRequest,
finally jаvascript for assembling that do everything together....
What is SQL ?
Structured Query Language
In the model, the relationship of the data. the language of structured questions, or SS s or thirty language is longer than language-based, short align, and math algebra, free that for create, modify, and retrieve data and also operations on them, and goes to work.

language SQL to the model, the object-oriented - relationship also progressed....
What is PHP ?
Hypertext Preprocessor
PHP (PHP), one of the most popular languages, process programming (scripting), open source (Open Source), which is more designed for server-side programs on your website, casual, dynamic (Dynamic) is used. PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (preprocessor ). PHP, in 1994, was created. (Rasmus Lerdorf) create a primary it has been, but over time this program language. ... by other experts and programmers been completed, and to its current form accordingly.

PHP from the language, process, blogging, web. The structure of this language, very similar language (C) and the programming language Perl (Perl). Plasticity, its wonderful and also comply with most databases such as MySql, its power has increased.

the most famous software(packages) created with PHP are phpBB, SMF., the Mambo, etc. Joomla, PHPNuke, etc. mybb and MediaWiki (MediaWiki), and that this website, with it designed). PHP can be a substitute for language, ASP.NET and JSP, and Perl. It is also one of the best examples of programming php in a large-scale site Facebook.

simplicity of use of PHP and its similarity to C language, and Perl (and from Version 5 it to Java) it is often programmers with experience in the shortest possible time program to the full to create.

a PHP only a language process is not writing and using PHP-GTK can be used to design programs with a graphical frontend (GUI) as well as the design of the program, the command line, like Perl or Python (Python) use it.

PHP take advantage of a variety of databases, including MySQL etc. Oracle, etc., IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, etc., PostgreSQL, and SQLite with orders, simple provides.

PHP on most operating systems popular including Linux، Unix، Windows and Mac OSX, and often web (Web Server). applicable....
What is ASP ?
Active Server Pages
Page, active Server, Active Server Pages, or for the acronym ASP), the first script Engine Microsoft to generate dynamic pages on the server side. The first time as an Add-on along IIS in Windows NT4 was released. After the Windows 2000 Server as one of the components of the free along with it. Web site programming, ASP objects within the made along it became easier.

each object is a group of functions used that to create web pages useful. In ASP 2.0 six types of such objects within the Made there are: Application, etc. ASPError, etc. Request and. Response, etc. Server, and Session.

for example, Session a object based on the cookie that page to page to keep.

pages ASP to help the extension end of the path, they can be steam cleaners that instead of HTML, and HTM .asp can be used. Most of the page, ASP VBScript written are but to help written, @language, or can be used instead of VbScript from other engines, process programming active, the other is also used....
What is EXE ?
Know just executable (in the meaning of the "executive"). Extension the three-letter and specify a template file, executable in the environment of operating system, dos and windows....
What is PDF ?
Portable Document Format
Extension the three-letter and specify a texture file, e-book in the program Adobe Acrobat. This name is short for Portable Document Format (document format, portable). Adobe for making such pages of the programs is called family of acrobats season, are they used in the newest version it number 9, which is the number the ability to support Microsoft Office files, Terry, Max and AutoCAD is a PDF you can, the next is the price of three-dimensional version of(7٫07) 995 dollars....