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What is PGF ?

Portable Graphics Format

Pi F J/ A couple for producing vector graphics (e.g., pictures and technical drawings) of the description geometric / algebraic, and standard features include drawing points, lines, arrows, etc. directions., the circle in., Oval, and Polygon is. PFG is a low-level language، while tics is a set of higher-level macros that use PFG. High-level PFG and tics commands are called as single macro(TeX) but in contrast withr uicks ، the PFG / tics graphics themselves are described in a language that resembles metapost. Til Tanta Yeno (l yi yi yi yi) is the designer of PFG and tics languages. He is also the original developer of the only known translator for PFG and ticz which is written in Yen. Pi F J(PGF) stands for "Portable Graphics Format" means "graphical format, portable" is. Ticks (Ti k z) was introduced in the 0 95 version of PFG. Tics is a recursive abbreviation for the phrase "r SAR SAR "which means" tics is not a design program".