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What is XLPE ?

Cross Linked Polyethylene

Cable, medium voltage (XPLE) for a variety of uses twenty kilo-volts to the top that used to be cable ( Cross Link ) is famous . For the acronym XLPE is called, but the remarkable thing about this acronym is that the letter X is also derived from the word Cross means cross, which is on the side of L stands for the Cross Link, and PE stands for polyethylene . On the whole, as was said, XLPE reagent, cable, pressure, temperature.

The Cable, the pressure, the average of the six main parts composed :
1 - conductor cable is aluminum or copper.
2 - layer semi-conductor which is a part of some kind of graphite, which is the task of one uniform, square, electric.
3 - insulation main (XLPE)
4 - layer semi-conductor
5 - shield that the task of removing the effects of the magnetic cable in the surrounding environment helping to detect fast connection by the relay.
6 - the shell or sheath (PVC)