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Acronym References

What is GTS ?
Some kind of fetish (sexual orientation), with the scientific name is for folk to it, the GTS (stands for Giantess or big) is said to be; the fans of this, like that, with people much larger than themselves, or individuals, small to small 10 CM face to face. And now, this is what they want them to happen, happen or what they want for a small do different. also, like all other sexual orientation, etc. here, too, straight up. gay and two gay, gay there.
you already have examples of this, in the movie, childhood like .... and film today, like the monsters against aliens (Monsters vs Aliens) or Honey, I Shrunk The Kids you've seen; can also likely there are other, you can go to YouTube to access. The most famous film made with the content of Attack of the 50 Foot Woman....
What is APOLLO ?
Americas Program for Orbital and Lunar Landing Operations
Project space the Apollo (Apollo Program), one of the space projects of NASA at the time of the space race between the Soviet Union and the USA was trying to conquer the first human on the surface of the moon landing bring. The project in the period of the presidency, Dwight Eisenhower began to work. the Apollo after the next presidential John F. Kennedy with the seriousness of the continued. John F. Kennedy supported his plan of landing a man on the moon during a special lecture addressed to Congress in May 1961 thus stated:...I believe my country should be to achieve the goal of landing humans on the moon and to the health of the back to the ground before the exit of this decade, committed.In this period, no space program, another not be used for human of exploration paths with long-range in space. and done none could not so much hard and expensive.

The goal Kennedy during the duration of assignment 11 on July 2, 1969, landed astronauts like Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin on the moon while Michael Collins on the orbit of the moon. was fulfilled.5 the project subsequent to Apollo, as well as for landing astronauts on the moon, which was its last in December 1972 was carried out. In this 6 flight space Apollo 12 people on the moon walk, and more. It's the first people were that managed to land on a mass of other celestial.

Project Apollo from 1961 until 1975 was implemented, and the third schedule of the flight space human after Mercury and Project Gemini by the agency, Space, International, USA, NASA. Of Apollo spacecraft Apollo and the rigs throw Saturn used was, that later in the program, Skylab, and a pilot program in common between the American and Russian Apollo-Soyuz Test Project were used, so the next project, often as part of the total project Apollo considered was put.

project with only 2 major obstacle end. first, it's a fire on the launch pad of Apollo 1 was to lead to the death of all three astronaut Gus , etc., Ed White, etc., and Roger Chaffee. second, it related to the explosion in Apollo 13 when they reach the moon, which was the spacecraft for serious about Mar. That thanks to the efforts of the controller, flight, engineers, project, Bradford, backup, and skills of their own. 3 the astronaut was John's own rescue.

The Apollo is a landmark in the fly space, the human village, and the only project of sending humans beyond the orbit of the Earth up to that time remained in ... Apollo 8, the first spacecraft, aboard which was in the orbit of celestial bodies, the other ... while Apollo 17 as the last and last mission aboard the outside of the orbit of the Earth is known.The project above makes the proceeds of advances in the abundance of the fields of technology, environmental been of fan of the rocket launch and human flight in space, which includes the device, auto, aircraft, telecommunication, and computers.. Apollo also makes getting excited a lot of interest in the field, abundant engineering, was and progress, abundance as signs of the program border. Many objects and artifacts of the project are on display in various places around the world are notable it's the air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian....
What is TJS ?
Somoni (Сомонӣ) name money country, Tajikistan, which is from October 30, 2000 official currency of that country and declare the successor to the ruble . The government of Tajikistan to commemorate the House of Iran, name of the currency your "Somoni" record. Per thousand rubles equal to one Somoni were placed. On the bills Somoni face some of the celebrities common in Iran and Tajikistan, the role is closed. For the sample on banknotes of 100 Somoni, face, Ismail Somoni, and on other bills, the face of rudaki, etc. (Ibn Sina), and Mir Seyyed Ali Hamadani seen. Bills, other, broadcasting, celebrities, contemporary like Sadriddin person. ghafurov, Mirza Zadeh and others, is adorned. The code of the international money TJS....
What is PSF ?
Point Spread Function
Function point Wide Web, a concept that in physics, medicine, and science of video application have a great and PSF can be shown.

each system, a reaction and reply in front of a function blow true (i.e. the source point) and with the combination (convolution) with it, an output or resulting image) that determines the characteristics of the system. In other words, the system responds to the function point wide (PSF) the result of the impact of a system on a function, tap or source, the point is that a signal or image fading (no sharpness or edge) in the day the place or time to happen....
What is AK47 ?
Avtomat Kalashnikova 47
that in Iran, Kalashnikov and briefly extortionist is also pronounced. a family of gun aggressive with the \"fire under authority,\" which include gun AK-47. AK stands for Автомат Калашникова to English: ( Kalashnikov) and the number 47 also refers to the year 1947 that the gun was in abundance in the production line, was put. The name of this weapon is derived from the name of its designer, Mikhail . Mass production of the AK-47 of 1947 in the Soviet Union began, and due to the ease of Use and maintenance, high power, etc. the cost of low production and durability high to the most popular gun aggressive world became. Weapons -ve (produced in the year 1959 ad), etc. -74 with a caliber lower than 5, the 45 mm (production in the year 1974 AD) and Type-56 model production, China -47 of the most famous types of AK. From the beginning of the production of these weapons so far, more than 200 million guns AK in the Soviet Union and other countries is made. According to the statistics, machine guns, AK during the past 50 years over the rest of the types of machine gun. what in the hands of the revolutionaries, and what by the forces of the military and security, etc. for killing to work is gone....
What is PTC ?
Phase Transfer Catalyst
phase change, or PTC, some sort of that the transfer of reagent from one phase into another phase where reaction takes place, etc. makes it easy. phase change template special extremely heterogeneous. Reagents, Ionic, usually in an aqueous solution of soluble have, but in the absence of phase change in a phase of organic insoluble. This such as a detergent for the solubility of salts, to the organic phase act.

enjoying phase shift, etc. reactions are faster, etc. products, accessories less and transformations we have the higher also the need for solvents, expensive, or dangerous, that's all in a phase solve the other does not come. Use phase change in green chemistry much is used, because instead of using organic solvents from the water we use.

contrary to many, many more! phase change, the only special reaction water, or the water getaway, but in most reactions, liquid/gas and solid/liquid can also be used....
What is DODAG ?
Destination Oriented Directed Acyclic Graph
Graph of non-circular that briefly DODAG be reincarnated, a graph is just a root. In other words, all the directions just to a node, i.e. the root of the graph leading up. From the graph DODAG in the algorithm, routing RPL in the network such as the Internet of things is used.

The Roots on the graph (DAG) to the node are applied, that no mane, the output is not....
What is RPL ?
Routing Protocol for Low-Power
Algorithm routing RPL in the network such as the Internet of things is used....