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Acronym References

What is O3 ?


Ozone is one of the oxygen is to the formula O3 is a gas with very high. Ozone is usually unstable and has been in many reactions such as the chlorine acts with the mechanism of the compound with the protein and the enzyme reducer, that for breathing neuron is important, as germs cache operates. Property this gas makes up the industrial applications have a lot of in concentrations higher than 100 component in Billion effect damage as severe on the lining and organs of the respiratory species|ozone in the atmosphere close to the ground]] of the most important air pollutants will be considered but ozone contained in the ozone layer shows to animals and plants is beneficial because of the arrival of ultraviolet light and beams of high-energy to the Earth helps prevent. Ozone is an element 3 is most little bit, it molecules 3 is.