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Acronym References

What is BK ?
(Berkelium) from elements of the chemical periodic table is. The sign it Bk and atomic number, it 97 is.

physical properties of element :
atomic number: 97
atomic mass: 249٫07
Melting Point:°C, 1050
The radius of the metal: pm 170
capacity: 34
colour: metallic
standard mode: solid radioactive
group name: ...
What is PE ?
Physical Education
Science, Physical Education...
What is THEL ?
Tactical High Energy Laser
The Tactical High-Energy Laser, or THEL, was a laser developed for military use, also known as the Nautilus laser system. The mobile version is the Mobile Tactical High-Energy Laser, or MTHEL. In 1996, the United States and Israel entered into an agreement to produce a cooperative THEL called the Demonstrator, which would utilize deuterium fluoride chemical laser technologies. In 2000 and 2001 THEL shot down 28 Katyusha artillery rockets and five artillery shells. On November 4, 2002, THEL shot down an incoming artillery shell. The prototype weapon was roughly the size of six city buses, made up of modules that held a command center, radar and a telescope for tracking targets, the chemical laser itself, fuel and reagent tanks, and a rotating mirror to reflect its beam toward speeding targets. It was discontinued in 2005....
What is LIBS ?
Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
In the method of spectroscopy ( exponential) induced breakdown induction laser (LIBS) , a focused, pulsed laser on the material sample, passive, etc. a small volume of it to form a plasma radiant very hot, which is unstable., the stump. Plasma is a ionized gas with high temperature involves atoms of. ions and electrons. Operating create the plasma, collision, successive electrons with molecules and atoms of the sample and arousal them. The number of these collisions is so high that the plasma temperature raises. In fact, plasma can be a flame, electric knew that in comparison to the flame, chemical stability, etc. the accuracy and sensitivity higher. The different elements in the plasma after a cold, spectrum, atomic, etc., Ionic, and molecular special to your emitting. Since the plasma created has a life span very short. therefore, using the technique of separation of time in order to choose the atomic, etc. is very important. Light by means of a spectrometer to the components during the wave has been decomposed by the detector to be recorded. With the processing of wavelength, recorded, etc. can be used to provide information about the amount and type of elements contained in the sample.

but the history of spectroscopy induced breakdown laser (LIBS) goes back to a little later, the introduction of the laser in the 60s. Laser the main base of the technique, LIBS. after the construction of the first laser, Ruby, in 1960 a lot of research in the field of laser. In 1963, the Q-Switched in lasers was invented. This type of lasers the ability to produce pulses with high energy and during the short pulse were having and ability to use techniques, LIBS will find. In 1963, the first reports about the creation of the plasma, the laser in gases was given. Continued in 1966, analytics, testing equipment, hot metals by the technique of LIBS was and can be this era's time of birth, the technique of LIBS in the realm of science, he said. In the commonly know a lot of research on this technique took place, and nowadays this technique, a technique well-known in the field of spectroscopy.

because this method can be used in environments different on each of the three phases of matter (solid; liquid and gas) To work. in recent years, the application of this method in the fields of industrial, medical, military and... the growth and development of many find and use it several examples, such as alloys, metal samples dependent on the land and geology. archaeological, environmental, etc. polymeric materials, and biologically analyzed and investigated. Tools and LIBS as compared to the other methods, the easier and cheaper it is to such that can be set from this tool for a means of portable, powerful and usable in any environment, making. Advantage such as no need for sample preparation, which, besides preventing it from getting contaminated samples, the use of this procedure for each sample, with dimensions and different features makes possible. Analysis of the way away, be fast and analysis of material to be immediate and in place and... has caused that the use of this method to analyze the qualitative and quantitative elemental materials is considered. Also, this method could be elements of the minimum and the original simultaneously, and allergic Top-Up Limit ppm detection.

plasma is a collection of particles include atoms, ions, and electrons, which is considered to be electrically neutral and has Behavioral the mass of your show. Plasma, LIBS, interaction, and absorption of the energy of the laser pulse by the sample is achieved. by the parameters of diversity are identified, that the most basic, it's the degree of ionization. Plasma in which the ratio of electrons to other species contained in the plasma. less than is plasma poor, and called on the other hand plasma, which atoms of it, a large number of electron lost and the ratio of electrons to atoms and ions too much. plasma degree of ionization of said to be high. Plasma created in, LIBS, generally, in the first category fall. Interaction between laser and matter, has long to the size of your laser. It is a process that in the method of LIBS product it plasma. the complicated process is that the variables a lot, including parameters related to the laser and the type of material depends on and the discussion of it here does not fit. In plasma, atoms and neutral that in the excited state. of particular importance are. Continues the processes related to the formation of the plasma, the expression of the will....
What is PBS ?
Phosphate Buffered Saline
Soluble salt of phosphate with a buffer (PBS), a buffer solution is usually in the bio research is used. PBS a soluble salt with a blue base that consists of sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, and in some formulas, potassium chloride and potassium phosphate. Buffers (phosphate groups, help to stay steady pH. Burden was ـ and concentration of ionic solution of PBS, approximately of all terms should be conditions on the human body the same (same size and with the liquid biological body)

PBS due to both the concentration and the type of being with the material, biological body and is also non-toxic being those cells for many applications. From use cases it can be used to its application to dilute the material and wash the dishes, the culture medium noted. Of PBS plus EDTA also to separate the connection and the mass of cells used. Metal double capacity like the on the can not to the solution are connected, but cause the sinking, it will be the same because of the use of the appropriate buffer recommended.

The easiest way for the preparation of a solution of PBS tablets PBS buffer. The formula of these tablets is such that one solution, ready for use during the dissolution of tablets in a certain amount of distilled water produced. This tablet for the size of the standard 100, the 200, the 500, the 1000 ml available.

if in ـ ـ about ـ the concreting. can be dissolved into two ـ ـ ـ and by autoclave (20 xHamster 121 degrees Celsius, etc. cycle, liquid) antiseptic. According to the type of use that from PBS. sterilization can be essential.

PBS can be stored at room temperature , but keep in a cold place preventing the growth of bacteria ensures even if disinfectants not for long be maintained. However, concentrated solution of the initial (solution question) might, when cool. Lees be for this reason, PBS must be used before and as long as settling of completely to unfold in the room temperature maintenance....
What is REM ?
Rapid Eye Movement
Sleep along with rapid eye movements (Rapid eye movement sleep: REM/REMS) one of the stages of sleep in mammals, in which the body is in deep sleep mode to take over, but the reaction of the brain in the Waking State.

during sleep AR Yi, the movements are very fast, with periods of 10 to 20 seconds, ... heart beats a little faster. and the metabolic rate of the brain to the extent of waking time arrives. In addition, during sleep AR Yi the Adam is almost completely paralyzed and can only be the heart, the diaphragm, etc. muscles. and muscles smooth (like muscles, intestines and blood vessels) is enabled like. In contrast, during sleep, non-AR Yi the eye movements to overall stops, breathing and heart rate to dramatically reduced, the muscles are lies. and the metabolic rate of the brain compared with the period of wakefulness between 25% to 30% reduced. He, that is the main characteristic of sleep, non-AR Yee all there brain in physical very evil. and major features of sleep AR Yi all there brain fully awake in the physical and more or less paralysis....
What is MSM ?
Men who have Sex with Men
Men who have with men, live, or MSN (to MSM) to men who say that your sex. Gender identity a large number of men, as homosexuality Manly. homosexuality or bisexual nudist not be marked (or for some reason can not be specified). This term in 1990 to the direction of the study, all on men who (regardless of sexual orientation, their) with Your have sex arose....
What is GTS ?
Some kind of fetish (sexual orientation), with the scientific name is for folk to it, the GTS (stands for Giantess or big) is said to be; the fans of this, like that, with people much larger than themselves, or individuals, small to small 10 CM face to face. And now, this is what they want them to happen, happen or what they want for a small do different. also, like all other sexual orientation, etc. here, too, straight up. gay and two gay, gay there.
you already have examples of this, in the movie, childhood like .... and film today, like the monsters against aliens (Monsters vs Aliens) or Honey, I Shrunk The Kids you've seen; can also likely there are other, you can go to YouTube to access. The most famous film made with the content of Attack of the 50 Foot Woman....