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Acronym References

What is LTI ?
Linear Time Invariant
Theory, system, linear, unchanging with Time., topic in Applied Mathematics that has application in disciplines such as signal processing, etc. theory, control, circuits, and seismic geology. Such a system, linear and invariant with time. Of the most important properties of this system, it is the output of a system is equal to the input and the response function to the Impulse System....
What is BI ?
Business Intelligence
Business intelligence can be viewed as a set of mathematical models and analytical methods for extracting information and knowledge from existing data knew that for the decision-making process, the complex can be used. In large organizations, decisions on a foundation of alternating. Some decisions may be more or less critical or might not effect long-term or short-term have and include people and the role of the different and hierarchical. Decision making ability, employees knowledge of an organization to the personal and the collective, one of the most important factors effective on the productivity and competitive advantage of an organization....
What is GW ?
Global Warming
Global warming or global warming name the phenomenon that leads to increase the average temperature of the Earth's surface and Oceans has been. During the last 100 years., the earth to be abnormal about 0. the 74 degrees Celsius warmer that the issue scientists have been concerned. Some scientists believe that decades end of the twentieth century. the warmest year, 400 years recent. Reports indicate that 10 of the warmest years in the world, only from 1990 to 2007 to the record is that the rate in the 150 year past has been unprecedented. Looks industrial activity in the creation of this very problem is affecting to global warming can help.

1880, measuring the temperature, the Earth has begun and so far, also continues. It is projected that by the year 2014, the Earth witnessed record unprecedented "warming." Also said to be warming, etc., in the year 2100, causing drought, scorching heat, and storms, terrible will....
What is RWF ?
Reading With out Forgetting
Means reading without amnesia, which is a method to keep the content useful for the summary of 8 steps....
What is ICF ?
Inertial Confinement Fusion
Fusion inertial (ICF) somehow, in nuclear fusion.

In this method, lasers Terra-Watt pluripotent special that used to try to condense the inside of a pellet content of the plasma. This pellet within a are.

from the great centers of research in this field can be the lifeline of the National combustion and science, photonic, and University of Rochester.
What is CMS ?
Compact Muon Solenoid
Wire tube compact (CMS), one of two experiments with the goals of the public in the subject of particle physics is to collide proton-proton collider hadronic in CERN (the border of Switzerland and France) is made. For the construction of this detector is almost 3, the 600-person from 183 Scientific Institute of the 38 countries in the world, in making it a partnership. Of purposes it can be used to discover the Higgs boson and collisions ion heavy noted....
What is QGP ?
Quark Gluon Plasma
Plasma the quark gluon (QGP) or quark soup is a phase in Quantum is in the temperature or density, very high occurs. In this phase of the matter, almost only the quark and Gluon, is that both of the most fundamental particles of constructive material. Particle physicists believe that the plasma in the first microseconds after the Big Bang, there have been and investigate the properties of this plasma is a great help to how the universe began. Super Proton at CERN for the first time in the decades of 1980 and 1990 attempted to plasma quark gluon achieve results that documents indirectly the existence of this phase was led in the year 2000, National Laboratory Brookhaven also to research about the plasma the quark gluon payment.

although an organization, sides, claim scientists National Laboratory Brookhaven does not endorse, is but God, in February 2010, claiming that a plasma quark gluon at a temperature of 4 trillion degrees Celsius have made.

the three experiments, the current in the collider hadronic, CERN is doing the testing, Alice, etc. experiments, Atlas and friends, still are, check the properties of the plasma the quark gluon. This experiment, in November 2010 began, and the first protons and then ion, the lead in the experiment Alice, me the collision was on December 6, stopped, and again in January 2011 to begin work. In the first week of the collision of the ions of lead in the year of the thirty scientists to a few plasma quark gluon, with a temperature of ten trillion degrees Celsius'....
What is RHIC ?
Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
ion, heavy-relativistic, which is the acronym RHIC, or "Rick" can be read one of two Collider hadronic in the world, in National Laboratory Brookhaven, NY, The Americas is located, and by an international team of researchers, driven. The activity of the researchers to deliver the ions to the speed of relativistic and Clash them together is plasma the quark gluon to be formed, and from this through the first time, very short after the Big Bang. With the collision of the proton, the lahat spin, structure Proton is also checked.

Rick as the second Collider for high-energy world can be considered that the first rank at the disposal of the collider hadronic from CERN.

in 2010, the researchers of this collection, declared that a collision with the Ion, Gold was at a temperature of 4 trillion degrees kelvin, the plasma the quark gluon achieve....