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Acronym References

What is PCP ?
Phency Clidine Piperidine
Fan (PCP), except hallucinogenic. This material in the late 1950s as an anesthetic was made, but due to its side effects, etc., such as mental confusion and disorientation, etc. taking it in the late 1960s as drug use, under the Su consumption was in those years called and as a de Arvi anesthesia for the animals used.

This material is now for the materials mixed with other hallucinogens can be used.

fan of pure, white crystalline powder color, which is easily soluble in water. Nowadays, combining it with other materials, causing color change from brick to Brown and change form from powder to gum. The chemicals needed to manufacture it are very cheap and are available and for tablets, powder, Crystal, there is with tobacco cigarettes, or GRAS, mixed and used.

unfortunately, this drug is very fast and only in a few seconds the effect. In doses lower than the feeling of relaxation false., the scared and the relationship of brain, creates, and gradually turned to a feeling of separation, far away, and alienation towards the environment. Slash characters, the lack of balance and coordination in the limbs, along power and a feeling of floating, being, be that from 4 to 6 hours continues. Depression subsequent dose, it is up to 24 hours continues. In higher doses, some people suffer from confusion, and ... love, mode of harassment, Terminator, and extreme anxiety are and at this stage lead to violence, extreme behavior is one of the most dangerous complications of sue, the consumption of these materials can be the death of the person the consumer or any other person will result.

in the event that the person this material on a consistent basis, taking have side effects such as daze without purpose, movements, rapid eye movement, walking, not balanced, etc. illusions of hearing, a change of the geometric shapes, etc., behavioral disorders, and amnesia appear. This material, like the often hallucinogenic drugs physical dependence acute create, but does not this substance to a large degree creates psychological dependence....
What is LSD ?
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
El SD with the chemical name Acid, , ethyl, polyamide, a drug that the yeast, called ergot, which on rye. comes to hand. The first time in 1938 by a chemist, a Swiss, named Albert Hofmann, who hopes to find a new pharmaceutical, etc. a variety of compounds, ergot, tests. were made. But the properties of it until the doctor mentioned your personally consume it whole. the discovery was found. The experiences of Dr. Hoffman, when taking this substance in the notepad she has been registered. The 1960s, the time of decline of the consumption of the substance. But later, groups of hippies in America, taking it to Bob. Nowadays, El SD medical consumers. To date, El SS, only the narcotic has been consumed, it directly causes the death of the person is not killed, did not.

El. SS. A round white face paint, pills, capsules and also liquid smooth and clear and without color and odor, which are often on paper every year can be found. Recognize it through the sightings, and for the seeming impossible, and there it can be through testing, quantitative and qualitative analysis, approved the alliance.

works by taking El SD usually half to one hour after taking started and within 2 to 6 hours, reaches its peak, but after 12 hours it works slowly subside. Of course, it should be noted that this works depending on the mood of the consumer and the circumstances that matter, it has been taking, etc. will be different. Of side effects physical long-term consumption El-SD can be used to increase the heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature; dilate the pupil of the eyes and tremor in the hands of the person noted. Of course, behavioral changes, because the anxiety, hole, etc. the fear of madness, etc. depression, impaired judgment, and. suspicions, etc. behaviors, self-injury and in acute cases, suicide, disorder in the perception, especially perception, vision, etc. clutter sense (like Seeing Sounds and hearing colors) and disorder in the balance of the body, including effects and side effects mental taking El SD. This works, psycho, unpredictable, and are from the state of euphoria (good trip) , and anxiety attacks, hole, and fears (bad trip) on the swing. Taking over of size L s, increased blood pressure, temporary increase in body temperature, and inside-oriented, and getting anxious consumer. The effects of the undesirable more people, or the ones that misrepresented the LG SD have consumed, etc. occur. Looking for long-term consumption of this drug, it is possible to experience these symptoms, perceptual, even without taking El SD there are also. Also in these cases, the risk of madness and reduce the focus should not be ignored....
What is LC ?
Liquid Crystal
The liquid crystal even though liquids are usually isotropic (). about 200 matter have known that in the liquid state and in higher than the average properties anisotropic. Usually the material crystals(the crystals), the liquid is said to be....
What is SQG ?
Strongly Quotient Graph
Graph outside part, strong...
What is ACSOPRI ?
Automatic Collection System Observation Radar Information
Set radar Meteorology ACSOPRI collection, automatic collect, process and provide information . the radar used in the national plan referred to the clouds, that is, the type of radar (pulse Radar ) MRL-2-range affecting 200 kilometers, and have the system monitor C., L. P. P. I)....
What is FAP ?
Fixed Action Pattern
In of. pattern of constant practice (FAP) consists of a sequence of behavioral, instinctive, that a stimulus starts; to be complete until the end of AGO goes, and always to a form is done.

to a stimulus that causes the pattern of constant practice. the stimulus cue, or show (Sign Stimulus) is said to be.

patterns of action fixed as one of those behaviors is very pure, genetically -, and independent practice - terms....
What is IPM ?
Integrate Pest Managment
Integrated Pest Management...
What is NP ?
Non deterministic Polynomial
In theory, the complexity of computing NP is one of the most fundamental classes. NP stands for “non deterministic polynomial”, which is the current implementation it refers.
NP set all issues, decisions that find the answer, yes, for they include the simple proof that the answer really should be yes. Generally, the more accurate the proof simple Should to be investigated at a time, run a few sentences in a Turing machine algebras. In contrast to this definition, NP set, issues a decision, which is called a run time polynomial in a Turing machine, non-algebraic evaluation. Class complexity P one of the members of NP, but NP contains the class, another important as well. That is the most complex, they are NP-Complete is as to them no algorithm known runs in time polynomial does not exist .
the most important question that now, for the classes in this theory is whether P=NP a? This question asks whether such an algorithm really matters, NP-Complete and total NP there or not. This widespread belief out there that this equality can not be true....