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Acronym References

What is T3 ?
Triiodothyronine, or T3, with the chemical formula C15H12I3NO4 a thyroid hormone with a crime, Molly 650. the 9776 g/mol can be. of thyroid T4 to high values of the discharge can be but T3 most active time.

How to synthesize T3, T4 :
first, we connect iodine to to the enzyme thyroid , we believe that the cause of its formation or MIT are, then connect with a single iodine our other the synthesis of Di or DIT, and finally connect with DIT, the other to the mediator, an enzyme, thyroid peroxides, we formed T4 found. In order to form T3, is also an MIT to a DIT attached, and T3 synthesis can be....
What is T4 ?
Thyroxine or (T4) is one of the hormones secreted by the thyroid gland. On the whole, to two hormones, T3 (Thyroxine) and T4 hormones, the thyroid must be.

this hormone is the addition of four atoms of iodine to the amino acids tyrosine, can be built in ... so iodine deficiency in the body causes disruption in the making of this hormone can be the thyroid gland resulting in an effort that to build this hormone does used and goiter creates. Thyroxine cause high-speed chemical reactions of the body and increase activity of your body. In fact, the metabolism increases....
What is VSS ?
Voltage Source Supply
VSS the same GND in the electrical circuit means grand or Earth. Have all the land to the base of the land the regulator connected. (*GND means negative circuit is not, but that probably should learn to move the electricity, does not require that you negative flow in the circuit is! With the ground can also be the electricity flow to move in bring)...
What is IGO ?
Iranian Geometry Olympiad
Geometry as one of the main branches of mathematics. historical background of the ancient is. Solve geometric problems as challenge, creativity, provoking has always been among the mathematicians and lovers of Mathematics from high popularity is. In Iran, as well as great scientists, such as aboureihan, and plays an important role in the development and expansion of the boundaries of the geometry in the age of their have. This historical background has led to today's geometry teaching in Iran of particular importance is the acquisition of the results of the brilliant students of our country in international competitions like the Olympiad, global mathematics certification on this claim. In the year 1393 collective of teachers and enthusiasts in this field with the aim of promoting public geometry at the level of the country and create a suitable platform for communication between enthusiasts around the world, launched "Olympiad geometry Iran," said. This event all in the second half of September in Iran and many countries of the world are held. That in the sixth period ( September 1398 ), the Olympiad, in about 60 countries in the world, was held....
What is TPE ?
ThermoPlastic Elastomer
Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) in fact, according to its name, which is composed of three words Thermo (heat), the plastic and the elastomer (elastic being) granules, plastic softness are the properties of rubber and are in the soft warmth are.

This is a material that certain methods comes the benefits of plastic and elastomer to the policy shift, and it can be used in the manufacture of plastic products used. In products such as plastics of granules thermoplastic elastomer in the plastic material used and, thereby softening it and flexible it can be otherwise, the plastic material brittle and dry.

one of the properties of the thermoplastic elastomer is that if to heat them in ... the software are and why they are thermoplastic, are said to be. Of these materials in the industries of plastic, appliances, automotive, packaging and ... can be used.
What is LOC ?
Limiting Oxygen Concentration
Limiting oxygen concentration, etc. (LOC), or the concentration of bound oxygen, that also, as the minimum oxygen concentration (moc) is known.

limiting oxygen concentration independently of the concentration of the fuel to conditions that can be lower, it was the ignition may not be possible. This case, in units of percent volume of oxygen is visible. The minimum concentration of oxygen due to pressure and temperature is different and also the type of inert gas (not flammable) is dependent limiting oxygen concentration for gases of choice and two neutral gas...
کله سر
What is کله سر ?
کیمیا، لیمیا، هیمیا، سیمیا و ریمیا
Klee head to mean "all of Them Secret, are", he said.

stands for five words physics. Limia, etc. , etc. Simia, and

all the sciences series have.

of this science, in fact, knowledge not applied do not, for example, alchemy, i.e. turning other elements to gold, but so far the result is not.

this science to the "IT means of Science, five hidden) together are known....