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Acronym References

What is RST ?
In electronics, the bit RST, if the bit Number 1 supposed to be taken to mean that the connection for one-way is terminated....
What is EVP ?
Electronic Voice Phenomena
The phenomenon of voice, electronic, or briefly (EVP) sounds that are in recording electronic can be found that seem to like talking personal seem, but to be non-intentionally, have been recorded. EVP usually in waves of vagrancy, which in the air are or the background sound can be found. Usually record these sounds by increasing the sensitivity of the device relative to the sound environment possible. According to the claims, that is, sounds that by the EVP recordings are among the sounds can be experienced in are. Although a number of Description Natural is offered including apophenia (finding significance in the phenomena of negligible) and auditory pareidolia (the sounds that randomly by a certain person be expressed).

the stories, documents, and signs a lot of the story of the construction EVP and start the walk early, there are and specify a specified time for the birth of the EVP a little difficult. Some evidence suggests the first time, the famous scientist and known as ... Thomas Edison have been the first person to communicate with the mother of the deceased to think about making a device to communicate with the world. some also believe he was during the meetings of the summon spirits, and with the help of one of these ghosts tips can have such a device to make. Despite this evidence and signs in the case of Thomas Edison, etc. are still by no means certain of his find, not to registered that is specific to this work is, though, that the science of his inventions and he is now one of the most important means of communication we have in this field a lot of sayings and writings about Thomas Edison and EVP, false and unproven remainder, and many reports falsely quoted He has raised. The only connection reliable between Edison and EVP is a quote from Edison in the Journal of celebrity and with dating a Scientist, USA, during an interview, in which Edison is such expression: "To consider this issue is possible, which can be a device build, not so delicate and sensitive that, if the people in the other world exist, or they with us, in this world, communicate, etc. to help this device gives them the opportunity give up, the better your express, until we witness a reversal of tables, etc. quick movements on the Ouija Board, the use of the medium and the use of methods, raw and old to connect with these entities we." With such a quote from Edison, and there is evidence of Small, other in this regard, even if we don't, Edison, as the first person introduced, we can certainly see him first base, investors EVP call....
What is FTM ?
Female To Male
F you've (FTM) or (trans man) to transsexual and that it is said that at the time of birth with the organs of sex come into the world, but in society as a man can be known. The term transsexual female to male will not be instead of to enjoys the job, although, usually, the wrong done, and this two word instead to work brand. The difference of these two words, since that woman to man only on the basis of social behavior as a man can be known, but in the transsexual woman to man, is possible with surgery change sex, the sexual organs also in the form of men turn. of female to male is usually surgery, sex change doesn't do.

the term or F you've actually summed two words, transsexual female to male, and to well. May be the order of or th U F A female to male, a transsexual woman to man, neither or both. to a broad term that to all those notes that at the time of birth, as women have been known, but in the social behavior of Man are known, such as a drag king in. Converter MILF, xHamster shemale, xHamster gangbang, double penetration, and sex, strange, and all the other people who are as are known.

unlike to man, transsexual woman to Man, exclusively to transsexual such notes that at the time of birth, as women have been known, but called for the man are becoming more. of course, sometimes the so-called new man, also for the transsexual that goes to work that surgery sex change have done, and has organs of men are....
What is NA ?
Natural Approach
Approach in natural language learning . the
one of the method of language training.
is that the same way you teach a child the mother tongue on your own without training, retro, and for the natural wealth....
What is O3 ?
Ozone is one of the oxygen is to the formula O3 is a gas with very high. Ozone is usually unstable and has been in many reactions such as the chlorine acts with the mechanism of the compound with the protein and the enzyme reducer, that for breathing neuron is important, as germs cache operates. Property this gas makes up the industrial applications have a lot of in concentrations higher than 100 component in Billion effect damage as severe on the lining and organs of the respiratory species|ozone in the atmosphere close to the ground]] of the most important air pollutants will be considered but ozone contained in the ozone layer shows to animals and plants is beneficial because of the arrival of ultraviolet light and beams of high-energy to the Earth helps prevent. Ozone is an element 3 is most little bit, it molecules 3 is....
What is SO2 ?
Sulfur dioxide
Sulfur dioxide is a chemical compound in the form of gas at room temperature with chemical formula SO2, is. This article by volcanoes and a lot of industrial activity can be produced. Burning oil and coal, due to the presence of sulfur-containing compounds in the production of this gas is associated. Usually because NO2 in the atmosphere causing the reaction of the gas with the water vapor contained in the air, and the formation of sulfuric acid can be. This gas is colorless, toxic, has a mass of molar 64, the 07 g mol in. density 1. the 551 grams per liter, etc., melting point 75. the 5 - degree centigrade, and boiling point 10٫0 - degrees Celsius and is flammable, causing not....
What is NO2 ?
Nitrogen dioxide
Nitrogen dioxide with the chemical formula NO2• is a chemical compound with ID pub low 3032552 is. Its molecule 46. the 0055 g/mol can be. This gas at ordinary temperature a yellow, and at higher temperatures to Brown in color, red shades(auburn color), and is toxic and smell very nasty there.

nitrogen dioxide of the most important air pollutants are expected to be. Every year, millions of tons of this gas in the effect of human activity, especially fossil fuel consumption can be produced. Nitrogen dioxide in combination with moist air produces nitric acid that causes decay, extreme metal can be. Also, in high concentrations, causing smog and the field of view to reduce the intensity and on the growth of plants, the negative effect is. The gas of the greenhouse effect are also important....
What is PM2.5 ?
Particulate Matter 2.5
Particulate matter (PM) to all components of small liquid or solid (except pure water) it can be said that the atmosphere of the earth are scattered and microscopic size or , but larger than the dimensions of molecular have. Particles suspended in the effect of the different processes, natural or human are created. Synthetic sources of suspended particles in urban areas include various industries such as cement, coal, stone, iron, etc., factories, gypsum board, and large turning are.

particles of the deadliest types of air pollution are considered. Especially smaller particles that are less than 10 micrometers in diameter they ... more are as to the lungs and some of them even enter the bloodstream and are can to a heart attack, reduced lung function, etc., beats, irregular heart, aggravate asthma, and sudden death in patients with heart and respiratory leads are. These particles via wind over long distances and has caused the pollution of soil and water also are. They are water, lakes and rivers acidic, and the balance of food in the aquatic environment on the time estimate. Makes getting depleted soil, food resources, and forest and agricultural products, harm, and even rocks and buildings also on the effect of the pollution aerosols can damage the see. Also, particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers of the most important factors blurred the air and reduced visibility are considered....