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What is PM2.5 ?

Particulate Matter 2.5

Particulate matter (PM) to all components of small liquid or solid (except pure water) it can be said that the atmosphere of the earth are scattered and microscopic size or , but larger than the dimensions of molecular have. Particles suspended in the effect of the different processes, natural or human are created. Synthetic sources of suspended particles in urban areas include various industries such as cement, coal, stone, iron, etc., factories, gypsum board, and large turning are.

particles of the deadliest types of air pollution are considered. Especially smaller particles that are less than 10 micrometers in diameter they ... more are as to the lungs and some of them even enter the bloodstream and are can to a heart attack, reduced lung function, etc., beats, irregular heart, aggravate asthma, and sudden death in patients with heart and respiratory leads are. These particles via wind over long distances and has caused the pollution of soil and water also are. They are water, lakes and rivers acidic, and the balance of food in the aquatic environment on the time estimate. Makes getting depleted soil, food resources, and forest and agricultural products, harm, and even rocks and buildings also on the effect of the pollution aerosols can damage the see. Also, particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers of the most important factors blurred the air and reduced visibility are considered.