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Acronym References

What is EEA ?
Electron Affinity
Affinity for electrons (Eea) or energy release the electron of an atom or molecule, the amount of energy released when connecting an electron to an atom or molecule is neutral in the "gaseous state" to form a negative ion (anion) is. In solid state physics affinity for electrons, or to better express the energy release of the electron slightly different meaning to the meaning of the energy released by the transfer of electrons from the energy level of the vacuum in the outside of the semiconductor to the edge of the bottom band guide within the semiconductor.

affinity for electrons only in a state of gas, the material is defined. Because the energy level of the molecules and atoms in a state of liquid and solid because of the links between atomic and molecular special in this scenarios, etc. under the influence of molecules and atoms adjacent to his placed. A list of the affinity for electrons, by Robert SS. (Robert S. Mulliken) was prepared for the construction of the scale atoms was employed. Scale atom is equal to the average and energy it atom. Another example of the application of the affinity for electrons in the theory of friend SMS, eBay (HSAB theory) is. The theory HSAB also predict the outcome of reactions useful. Recently it has been shown that even the sensitivity and performance of explosive materials can be based on the theory HSAB explained. The molecule or the atomic affinity for electrons, the larger the have a positive the receiver, the electron and the molecule or the atomic affinity for electrons, the smaller the have a positive the donor electron is, the two species of molecules or atoms with each other, the reaction can do. So affinity for electrons, the larger the positive than the metals have....
What is TGA ?
Thermo Gravimetric Analysis
Thermal gravimetric or gravimetric thermal (Thermogravimetric Analysis), with the name, the abbreviations TA or TGA, etc. the most simple method of thermal analysis kit, in which changes in mass of the sample on the effect of heating or cooling, to identify and measure the physical processes and the chemical goes to work.

thermal gravimetric can be two through or time, temperature and dynamic, or dynamic to be done....
What is MCP ?
MonoCalcium Phosphate
phosphate with the chemical formula CaH4P2O8 a chemical compound is. Its molecule 234. the 05 g/mol can be. Appearance of this composition, the powder is white....
What is BPA ?
BisPhenol A
Bisphenol O (Bisphenol A) a chemical composition with ID pub low-6623 is. Appearance of this composition, solid white.

This chemical in making of plastic bottles, polycarbonate to hold drinks and milk children used, etc. is used. Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health found the amount of the chemical BPA in the urine of volunteers who, for a week of action to drink liquids from bottles, polycarbonate can people. to the extent of two-thirds rose. This is the first time that a research shows, the consumption of the drink from the bottle, the polycarbonate, the amount of BPA in the urine increases and the bottles are made from BPA, this chemical substance in fluid, including their free work. The scientists found that drinking cold liquids from bottles, polycarbonate, it is also just for a week, the amount of BPA to the extent of two-thirds increase. The researchers say if these bottles are heated (as in the case of milk bottles, and children this happens), expect this provision to significantly increase. “Karin B. ”, Assistant Professor, all Harvard School of Public Health, says: this theme can be disturbing is because children, especially against the ability of this chemical in creating disorder in the Endocrine, etc. damage . Scientists Medical Center, University of Rochester and Columbia University, according to the data obtained from the National Health and survey, and evaluation of nutritional that on a large population of the American people was done, declared the matter "bisphenol A", etc., a substance that mediates the consumption of food in plastic containers enters the body, over what is thought to be remains in the body. Since the thought was that this article that the main source of exposure to it through food and drink is rapidly and completely excreted from the body. In this review, scientists learned may be bisphenol (including resources of non-edible, too, enter the body and in tissues and body fat accumulation find. Bisphenol A ( BPA ) where it came from? Bisphenol (including that with the name of the abbreviation, BPA is also known to be the combination is organic and contains two groups of polyphenols is. This substance is included in the structure of several polymer and the additive polymer is important. Bisphenol that with the production of an annual 2-3 million tons important in the production of polycarbonate( PC ) is, for the first time in 1891, became known. It's a matter of condensing the acetone comes, and this reaction is acid catalyzed and can be. More than 50 years that products containing bisphenol or made it to market, Way have found. Now uses it myriad. In the synthesis of polyesters, etc., Poly and Poly ether of the material used and key in the production of plastic polycarbonate( PC) resins, epoxy is. Polycarbonate plastic(PC) in the construction of many conventional products like plastic bottles of milk for children and water sports equipment, instruments, medical and dental, etc. and filler, teeth, lenses, optical, and electrical appliances household used....
What is ICF ?
IntraCellular Fluid
or liquid within the cell (ICF) that sometimes the matrix C also can be read the same liquid that is within the cells are found. by membranes to are divided. In the cells of eukaryotic, etc. by the cell membrane, surrounded and part of the cytoplasm is. The cytoplasm contains mitochondria, etc. and other vacuole-free, but includes the structure and the fluid within the vacuole will not be. The core of the cell separate. In are a large part of the chemical reactions of metabolism in The occurs. A small number of reactions in the membrane or space fairy occur. In, eukaryotes also a large number of reactions in and a portion is also within the vacuole are on the up. a mixture complex of dissolved substances in the water. Water a large part of The make. ions such as sodium and potassium in The with the concentration of this ion in the fluid outside the cell is different. These differences in processes such as the regulation of (Osmoregulation), and messaging, cellular (Cell signaling) are important. Although may be simple mixtures of molecules to look, but several levels of organizing, it can be seen....
What is ART ?
Adaptive Resonance Theory
The theory of resonance adaptive (or Adaptive Resonance Theory) by Stephen Grossberg and Jill Carpenter with a view to how information processing by the brain, etc. were raised. This theory of a few neural network model to describe track in which the methods of regulatory and non-regulatory, to learn used. This theory, in issues such as diagnosis and prediction of patterns, etc. to be handled.

The System, ART Elementary, a learning model derelict is. This system, usually a field comparison, and a field detection (made up of a number of neurons), a parameter of the caregiver (vigilance parameter), and a unit Reset (Reset Module) is made. Parameter careful usually is significant effect on the system is: if the value of this parameter in the considered memory that with high detail (the floor of small, but high) at the discretion of puts and vice versa, if this small amount of. memory of normal (the floor of the regular size and a low number of) gotten gives.[Citation needed] field of comparison, a carrier input (an array of one-dimensional quantities) received, and it is the best in the field recognize the transferred track. This is the best peer., the neuronal lone that sets the weight of his (Weight Vector), with carrier input, the greatest match will have. Every neuron in field detection of a negative signal (proportional to the quality of the match carrier, input with the neuron receiving it) to other neurons, the field post is ... the result of the production output in the block can be. With this, field detection methods, Contraindications, Side does offer. This means that the neurons inside it, as a class (categories) acts which the carrier input based on the categories are. After input, was classified as the unit resets, the power of this conformity, and categories with the parameter value watch out for cons. If the answer of the tests was positive., the process of teaching starts. On the other hand, if answer comparing the negative is. neuronal that the signal is sent. the received carrier, the new entry becomes disabled; the process of education, too, only after complete the search process begins. In the process of search, the neurons, the field detection one by one by the unit reset disabled, are, until, finally, the result of a measurement, positive be. But if the power none of the compliance has been, to the threshold parameter value, be careful not (the response measure is always negative in.) a neuron that had to be handled not to be launched, and so adjusted to the carrier input match.

the two main methods for training neural networks based on ART there:one method quiet and the other quick method. In the method of learning, quiet, etc. from differential equations to calculate the values of the Continuous of the degree of weight sharing neurons detect relative to the carrier input, etc. used; therefore, this calculation to the period of time during which the carrier input is provided depends. In the method of learning fast, from algebraic equations to calculate the grade adjustments weight, etc. can be used; and the values for binary are. Although the learning method fast, effective, and efficient. the learning method, relaxed, etc. in terms of biodiversity is more likely and can be used in networks with continuity when the (continuous-time networks) to be employed (for example, when the carrier input, periodically change)....
What is LBC ?
Living Building Challenge
Building the low carbon (LCB) buildings which have been specifically thinking of reducing gases, flower, house, engineering, have been cold. so, according to the definition of a LCB building, which is significantly carbon is less compared to conventional buildings release gives. No range for the release of there is no that under it a building LBC to be considered. But to be really no impact on climate change is, a LBC should be at least to 80% natural gas, mud house is less compared to conventional buildings reach. According to Stern, the economics of climate change emissions, we have 80% compared to the current situation reduced to limit the natural ability of the land to remove gases, Flower House, from the atmosphere beyond it. For comparison, a conventional building is about 5000 kg of co2 on a square meter in your lifetime can produce (although this amount based on the type and location of the project is very different).