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What is VOLTE ?

Voice over LTE

Sound on technology, the evolution of long-duration or sound on the El or penetration, briefly (VoLTE) is a standard high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones and terminals data ... which based on IP network multimedia subsystem (IMS) to a mobile profile are special for control, and maps, media, voice over LTE, which, by the GSM Association, or GSMA in PRD IR.92 defined. This approach results in the voice services (map, control, and media) as the flow of data within the data carrier LTE can do. This means that no dependency to maintain (or need) the legacy network audio will. VoLTE to three times more capacity than voice and data 3G UMTS and up to six times more than 2G GSM capable. In addition, it, broadband, got, keeps, because that header packages VoLTE are smaller than those in the VoIP/LTE optimization is not used.