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Acronym References

What is REGEX ?

Regular Expression

Expression, which is under the title, regex or regexp is also called in Computer Science, the meaning of a matching string in the text is, that such as special characters, words and patterns of characters. A Baqa phrase is written in ordinary language that can be used by a Baqa phrase processor، or a program that acts as a translator generator or text checker and detects parts of by specification.

these samples can capabilities are limited regular expressions can do to show:

the sequence of characters "car" in any text, such as "car", "cartoon", or "bicarbonate"
The Word "car" when used individually
The Word "car" when before "blue" or "red" is
A characters "$", after which one or more digits to come, and then optionally a slash come after the slash exactly two digits, add the have (such as "$10" or "$245٫99")
words can be much more complex than this example, so that they could.