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What is MYBB ?

My Bulletin Board

Maibbi (MyBB) is an open source software developed by the maibbi group. The program is written in PHP (PHP) and supports the MySQL database post gresql and SQL Lite and is licensed by GNU L and published by GNU. < < > is a free community builder system. It is possible to build a free forum with MyBB، and easily manage the forum. MyBulletinBoard or briefly MyBB (Mai Bibi) is a system on which to base the programming language PHP and database MySQL is written. Plugins (plugins)and themes (themes)designed for this system has made yen more professional and user-friendly. This system is built byrruu and supported by Group. New features and tools in Version 1 8 8 make this system a leading place among community builder systems. Currently, maibbi is one of the most popular community builder systems in Iran.