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What is VOIP ?

Voice Over Internet Protocol

VOIP(voice over internet protocol:Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a general term for a family of technology transfer for the delivery of voice communications over the network, based on IP, like the internet and networks package .

VoIP(pronounce weap), telephone, IP, telephone, internet, telephone, broadband, sound of broadband and voice over broadband, also called.

usually, the companies provide a service, VoIP as producers, and the protocols used to carry the symptoms of voice over IP network, as voice over IP or VoIP protocols will be remembered. It can be, in principle, the development of commercial experience protocol voice network (1973), by which producers of a generation, the internet(ARPANET was) invented. considered.

some of the lower cost, partly due to the use of a network individual to carry voice and data, especially where users to the network access that capacity, it is less used and can be VOIP without any extra cost carry. Call VoIP to VoIP, some times are free, while VOIP calls to the public telephone network(PSTN) may cost in the have the that should be used by manufacturers, VoIP paid.

protocol, voice over IP, signal, phone calls, etc. as audio digital carry(which usually with the technology of compression of data, speech, etc. of the data, it dropped and for the collection of stream data, the IP will be sent).

two types of PSTN services such as VoIP, there are. The inner dial in direct(DID) and access numbers. The inner dial in direct(DID), the caller directly to the VoIP connects in the event that the necessary access numbers, etc. match the numbers internally using VoIP by the caller.