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What is VDSL ?

Very high bit rate Subscriber Line

Broadband standard based VDSL is one of the common standards of the global XDSL . The performance of VDSL, in most cases, similar to ADSL . Despite the similarities existing in this field, disputes are numerous, as well as the following items there :

- download speed on a standard WAN port. 52 Mbps download and 16 Mbps upload, and VDSL2, etc. 100 download and 22 Mbps upload that in any is asymmetric.

- providing service from optical close to the joint, which increases the quality, service and speed.

- use of the substrate wire copper joint without the need to switch and or the wiring again .

- ability to provide value-added services to subscribers such as phone lines, SIP ( phone on the internet platform ), the video conference, IP-Tv, etc