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What is VHS ?

Video Home System

Video system (that refer to it VHS also say), the standard for cassette, analog recording, for a variety of uses, based on a video tape, which was by now a PVC was developed.

1970's, an era that was recording the video, the main most part pointers in the television industry. Like any innovation in the field of technology to another, a large number of companies, small and big, start to create and develop a standard for recording TV, which was grasping the vast part of the world embraces it. On the summit of this innovation. in the industry, video. War for the development of the standard video tape was created. In this context, two forms of his friend and more exposed to the media and the public people were that finally, in this war, form the video his friend to victory and the end of the era of videotape in the field reigned.

with the arrival of new technologies and the introduction and universal acceptance form, video playback of DVD in 2000, the foundations of the rule " a friend in the field of video, start of the bouts ... until finally in 2006, the studios film-making. the supply of videos, with your form, he friend SMS stopped. At December 31, 2008, the most great player he is a friend, pre-recorded American IE now plays sound and image, the latest shipments video tapes him to a friend SMS to the port of palm in the state of Florida, USA send.