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Acronym References

What is MIMO ?

Multiple Input Multiple Output

or MIMO that phrase abbreviation (Multipl Input - Multiple Output) Multi-Input - Multi-Output is a technology release waves (antenna) for telecommunication systems wireless. so that both the sender and receiver of a multiple antenna is used. Signals sent at the end of the circuit telecommunication together are combined up the error to a minimum. ... data transfer speed to maximum, etc. increased. Note that the terms input and output in the title of the article, etc. to the radio channel carrying the message back, not to the system includes the antenna. Technology , add dramatic permittivity data (data throughput), and the distance effect is useful, it is also without the need of bandwidth, or be sent an additional time. a special place in wireless communications has been. Achieve to this is through efficiency spectral efficiency), the higher (the number of bits more per second per hertz of bandwidth) and reliability of communication. Because of these features. an important part of the standard in wireless telecommunication,". Standard such as IEEE 802.11 n (WiFi-Wifi) and 4G, and 3GPP Long Term Evolution and WiMAX and HSPA . Also, technology start to the compatibility of communication systems, non-wireless, etc.). For example, the standard ITU-T G. 9963, etc. standard. for network, is a communication system, the power line defines which of the techniques to send a few signals, etc. on the wire, alternating current (phase and neutral and Earth).