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Acronym References

What is RGBW ?
Red, Green, Blue, White
While TV, 4K UHD, resolution four times higher than standard Full HD and are quickly in TV market, the global growth of the. TV RGBW is also on the market, appear that the quality of the image lower on both the quality and the quality of pixels compared to a TV, 4K UHD. In displays, conventional LCD, each pixel has three Sub-Pixel (a Pixel smaller) to the colors red, green and blue (RGB), but in the new display in addition to the three Sub-Pixel a sub-pixel is also White added. Sharp is the first manufacturer of panel four colors, and is a system of four colors in the TV series Full HD smart use. But the sharp sub pixel yellow to RGB, adding up the color of the yellow and Blue better displayed....
What is STB ?
Set Top Box
The device receiver of the digital television, which in Iran to which decoder, i.e. the receiver, too, they say. (STB)A device, system information that usually has a TV tuner, for input and output to a TV. this device, signals from an external source such as cable, Ethernet, etc. LNB, cable, coaxial cable, or even antenna, analog receive, and then it will decrypt the and for TV, sends, etc. digital receiver or decoder in a variety for support, and the use of satellite TV, terrestrial TV, TV, internet, and cable TV production. in Iran, normally to receptors terrestrial TV the same \"Digital receiver\" is said to be, while to the receiver, , satellite TV, \"decoder\", they say....
What is HARP ?
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
Program research the ionosphere, the active high-frequency, known as harp (HAARP) is a research project that in the year 1993 to review and research about the layers of the ionosphere using radio waves ELF/ULF/VLF has been established.

This facility, jointly organized by the air force, American Navy, University of Alaska in Fairbanks, and close to 15 American university other department and used. The company is the maker of this facility, the company BAE Advanced Technologies.

This system is now a collection of antennas for includes 180 antenna tower aluminum to a height of 50/23 km, formed as on Earth, the vast expanses of Area 23٬000 square meters, in Alaska, is installed. This antenna, the waves superiors, short ELF/ULF/VLF with a 3. the 6 MW ERP production and to the ionosphere sender.

harp project is scientific and through it the scientists, changes in the ionosphere that is the farthest and the most unknown part of Earth's atmosphere, it is possible to study about it, find and it for a lab, and brought them. Harp on this with radio waves of high frequency that by the radars of your published works do. Part of these waves at a height of 100 to 350 km from the Earth's surface is absorbed and increases the acceleration of the electrons in that region and result in the warming of the ionosphere. Harp in the Cold War era, this goal was launched that are some ways to communicate with the submarines equipped with nuclear weapons is discovered. This submarine, at that time, the importance of strategy frequency was because the principle of "guarantee the destruction of the cross" in Nuclear War scholar, he said. But this project, even from before making your rumors in abundance about the purpose and applications it tied. Conspiracy theories a variety of about it raised and release beams of death, control of the mind to which it is attributed. Complete the harp for about two decades, pulled over, and the $ 250 million cost of building and operating it....
What is OSD ?
On Screen Display
The system displays the information for the OSD, so that all acts that you do. such as front/back, etc. change the sound for the film, slow motion, fast motion, etc. mode, Aspect Ratio, and... wholly in writing, that the screen gets imprinted....
What is BDS ?
BeiDou Navigation Satellite
System, navigation, Beidao, or system, satellite navigation, Beidao (Compass) project by China to develop system of satellite navigation is independent. The first system, Beidao, which is the official system demo, satellite navigation, Beidao, or Beidao-1. ... consists of three satellites with coverage and applications is limited. This system, from 2000, the navigation services mainly for customers in China and neighboring areas. offers. The second generation of this system is called the compass or Beidao-2 is known, and a system Global Navigation Satellite consists of 35 satellites, will be, still under construction. This system in China in December 2011 with 10 satellites, began and is scheduled until the year 2012 to the Asia-Pacific and by 2020 the total land services....
What is UTM ?
Universal Transverse Mercator
The system coordinates the global reverse (Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system) that briefly yuty (UTM) ... somehow the system image that is mapped to, and goes from a Cartesian coordinate system two-dimensional direction of the specified position on the surface of the ground interest. This system somehow display position is horizontal and to display the position on the ground, independent of The it goes to work, but from several directions with the traditional method of geocoding (using latitude and longitude) the difference.

in the system yuty the Earth into 60 sections (wedges) is divided into each slice to the size of 6 degrees longitude....
What is NBIC ?
Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Cognitive Science
Nano technology, etc., biotechnology, technology, information, cognitive science...
What is MSX ?
MicroSoft eXtended
Ms X (MSX) is the name of one of the species, your home computer is that in the 1980's by And then Microsoft no doubt a new generation and leading in the field of home computers were invented. It is said that Microsoft this product to create a standard unit, among other similar, this product is considered to be.

This product due to it being direct cooperation with Microsoft in the design of your ... about the fortunes of the public in the United States and the United Kingdom was affected. However, Ms X in other markets, the popularity of certain finds. This product 5 million copies globally, was sold. This computer in Japan, Europe and Brazil were supplied....