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Acronym References

What is 480I ?
480 Interlaced
480 (480i) abbreviated name for the format video is the video which is in the image, the standard TV in the TV system, analog or digital, in most countries of Continental America (excluding Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay), the Caribbean, Myanmar, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines used.

The purpose of the number 480 in. resolution 480, linear vertical, and what is meant by "i", etc. refers to the resolution of the network or one among (Interlaced). Rates, storage in this extension, usually 60 Hz (or 59 of 94 Hz in the color space NTSC).
What is 1080I ?
1080 Interlaced
1080 (1080i) is somehow a standard image with a video resolution of 1080×1920, which is in fact the video widescreen with 16:9 aspect ratio creates.

your meaning is that this video interlacing and is in this format, all the pixels and lines, in a processing time are not, but also for interwoven get the job done, i.e., initially the number of Pixels will be processed in time slightly, the rest of the pixels remaining processed and then Con are combined. For example, 6 pixels would imagine that each has a number marked from 1 to 6. First, the pixels of the individual image (frame) of Prime processing. i.e. 1, 3 and 5. Then, the Pixel couples with 2, 4 and 6, the image (frame) next, the case of processing the fall. With this method, all the pixels with difference a little time relative to each other are processed. Of course, this method has a problem, and make it shake the image when you increase the size of the image and the speed of the frame is switching....
What is 720P ?
720 Progressive
720 (720p) to a signal of the advance of HD TV (HDTV) refers that has 720 pixels, horizontal lines and 16:9 aspect ratio. All TV in HD format 720p cover that has a resolution of 720×1280 pixels which is 720 refers to a line of pixels vertically and 1280 refer to the line of pixels horizontal. During playback, this quality with speed of 60 FPS broadcast standards digital video (DVB) and T SS CD (ATSC) to include....
What is 1080P ?
1080 Progressive
1080 (1080p) set from the TV in HD mode, the video resolution is high resolution vertical line which has 1080 pixels and is the horizontal line, it is also 1920 pixels.[1] the letter p from the beginning of the word progressive means progressive, is taken. The format extended type, the extension i is that nowadays, in some devices, a new video can be observed. In simple expression can be the biggest difference format 1080 with 1080 how to process the pixels and lines knew. Generally in the format 1080 all lines and Pixels are processed one at a time. So why images that are based on this format can be built free of any shake or Flicker will be and the quality of the image compared to the 1080 will be more favorable. Of course, the difference of quality in i , p in images, action, and fast, well is visible, and in the pictures, typical and quiet, almost Difference Together. Certainly, progressive to bandwidth, more is needed from the hardware that is used is more expensive. Of course, usually, in most of these devices the whole operation for interlacing is done, then in the final stage of a chip, a hardware operation, the Deinterlacing on the image do and image progressive to be formed....
What is 4K ?
Clearly 4 (4K resolution) a resolution video standard in capture, and graphics card of a computer. The number of pixels, format 4 four times the format full HD. But the standard , exactly the size of 3840×2160, or the so-called 2160. In comparison with the previous standard QHD is 2560x1440 this. 4K, exactly the size and depth 2 times to meet. Clearly this extension 4000 pixels per resolution of the screen is horizontal. In other words, the number of pixels the TV all the HD can be in a quarter of a screen 4 place. This is through employing the number of pixels more (8294400 pixels) to create images more clearly and in more detail in comparison with examples of all HD has been made possible. This is while the standard of higher resolution images 8, the number of pixels to something about 32 million increase. YouTube is one of the services that can be considered that this extension uses.

After the production of LED displays and 3D, a new generation of TV and screen, to enter the market. Nowadays, more valid brands like LG and Toshiba TV, 4K has announced have with the arrival of the other brands such as Panasonic, Samsung and Sony to this arena. competition in the production of TV and screen, 4K more and more hot. TV, all in HD quality 1080p; the resolution display equal to 1920 x 1080 pixels and are in the standard 4K, the resolution to 4096 in 2160 pixel looks. This feature is now on TV, all the HD and disc Blu-ray is available.

video 4 when a large volume is, for example, a movie 4 ago 60 GB volume....
What is WCG ?
Wide Color Gamut
Color gamut wide (WCG) : we are on the verge of a revolution in color TV, we though soon by DCI P3 (color space, which for projectors professional digital has been set) or Rec(recording) by the year 2020 TV are quality true colors more rich and more will be available. One of the features of the TV that often overlooked quality is its color that makes the pictures carefully the color more and more real . Nowadays, the TV technically has the ability to display color quality are better, more, and the content and features of the HD might have been....
What is RGBW ?
Red, Green, Blue, White
While TV, 4K UHD, resolution four times higher than standard Full HD and are quickly in TV market, the global growth of the. TV RGBW is also on the market, appear that the quality of the image lower on both the quality and the quality of pixels compared to a TV, 4K UHD. In displays, conventional LCD, each pixel has three Sub-Pixel (a Pixel smaller) to the colors red, green and blue (RGB), but in the new display in addition to the three Sub-Pixel a sub-pixel is also White added. Sharp is the first manufacturer of panel four colors, and is a system of four colors in the TV series Full HD smart use. But the sharp sub pixel yellow to RGB, adding up the color of the yellow and Blue better displayed....
What is STB ?
Set Top Box
The device receiver of the digital television, which in Iran to which decoder, i.e. the receiver, too, they say. (STB)A device, system information that usually has a TV tuner, for input and output to a TV. this device, signals from an external source such as cable, Ethernet, etc. LNB, cable, coaxial cable, or even antenna, analog receive, and then it will decrypt the and for TV, sends, etc. digital receiver or decoder in a variety for support, and the use of satellite TV, terrestrial TV, TV, internet, and cable TV production. in Iran, normally to receptors terrestrial TV the same \"Digital receiver\" is said to be, while to the receiver, , satellite TV, \"decoder\", they say....