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Acronym References

What is HPR ?
High Performance Routing
High performance routing...
What is LIDAR ?
Light and Radar
Lidar technology, or Lidar, in the iPhone 12 Pro camera (iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max) is one of the remote sensing technologies that measures the distance by shining a laser on the target and analyzing the reflected light. Lidar is similar to radar, sometimes called laser radar. The main difference between the radar and the radar is the radiated wavelengths used....
What is WB ?
White Balance
Button WB in the camera. white balance ( white balance ) or the balance, color of light available in the environment, for the camera, you can be introduced. In other words, the resources Luminous, which we for the photography at our disposal are diverse and must for the camera defined to be that which light source is dominant in the environment there; this means that the color different sources, etc. Con religion. Hence, in the camera, photography, supplies, illuminated several defaults that are based on the light available in the environment, the selection can be. This action has nothing to do with control the intensity of the light, not just the color of the light for the camera to be defined....
What is PSDS ?
Predicted Satellite Data Service
Satellite forecast service data...
What is VLT ?
Very Large Telescope
Telescopes he El t (VLT), four of the largest telescopes optical world that are at the Observatory in Chile for the array have been subjected.

these four telescopes similar in the years 1998-2001 beginning to end, and each of the mirrors with a diameter of 8 M and 20 cm have been formed.

the ownership of this telescope, with the organization of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) is....
What is GTC ?
Gran Telescopio Canarias
Great Telescope Canary Islands (GTC) is the name of one of the largest telescopes optical world is in the Observatory of the cliffs, kids in Spain is located.

the telescope, in the year 2006 started, and the mirror of the concave Lattice which diameter of 10 meters and forty centimeters there.

a lot of University in Spain in the use of the telescope, the partner. The University of Florida and University of Mexico as well as in its partner....
What is LBT ?
Large Binocular Telescope
Telescope El BI t (LBT) is the largest and most powerful optical telescope built in the world is in the state of Arizona and of America is located. Telescope El eBay T has a telescope that to the astronomers the possibility will give up the cosmos in more detail, and in the depths of the unfathomable Terry search. Unlike most telescopes today, which contains a mirror to collect light are in. Telescope consists of two mirrors 8. the 4 yards. Power imaging telescope El bi-or about 10 times better and clearer than the images sent from the Hubble Space Telescope is. For the construction of the telescope El bi-or about 120 million U.S. dollars, the cost and practicality of its design because of the specific problems in the design of parts, optics and build it in about 20 years, during the is stretched. The University of Arizona, Bureau of the telescope is responsible....
What is GMT ?
Giant Magellan Telescope
Telescope, large Magellan (GMT) A Very Large Telescope ground under construction is estimated by 2025 to exploit the reach. Main level reflective of this telescope consists of seven mirrors with a diameter of 8. the 4 meter main mirror with a diameter of 24, the 5 km and it is hoped that this telescope the possibility of such in the first worlds that the universe began to braid people. check Energy and dark matter, and identify the planet is potentially habitable and provide. Expect this five to ten times the telescope, the current is able to collect light.

the construction site of the telescope in the Observatory, Las in 115 kilometers Chile is that the telescopes, the Magellan, also it is located. This place in the desert of Atacama, which is not only free from pollution the air is, but due to being away from light pollution is one of the best parts of the Earth for observations of long-term season is.

operation of this telescope in November 2015 began. Previously, soil mapping, and joint to flatten the peaks Las done up the field for the construction of the telescope be provided. This telescope in an international project under the supervision of the United States of America can be built. Australia, Brazil, South Korea and Chile, the other members of the project are.

telescope, large Magellan, in the year 2021 while active that will be just the number of mirrors it installed. But until 2024 or 2025, all of them are installed.

except Magellan, two very large, another that in the spectra of visible and near infrared can work in various stages of design and construction. Very Large Telescope, European, (E-ELT), which is also in Chile and a telescope Thirty Meter (TMT) in Hawaii, will be built two telescopes are the other. Diameter mirror, the telescope, respectively, 39 km and 30 km, so after completion of Magellan, the larger they will be. The two telescope architecture is very different they will be, because the surfaces of the main reflective they contain hundreds of small mirrors would be....