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Acronym References

What is UHDTV ?
Ultra High Definition Television
TV very high resolution (or ADT. 4320, and 8) (UHDTV big 4320p, and 8K), the format ago Institutional to video digital is that of the laboratory, research, science and technology Ann a friend who was raised. The resolution is about 16 pixels TV resolution is so high that it almost with the level of detail your max one. Currently, LG and Samsung, this TV with this technology to market. This TV having the highest image detail, the best experience of watching the image it creates.

one friend Kay from this video format as super vision protection....
What is SDTV ?
Standard-Definition TeleVision
SD TV (SD TV), or the image of standard television Pictures TV with a resolution of 480*720 pixels and aspect ratio 4 to 3 can be displayed, etc. are applied....
What is 576I ?
576 Interlaced
576 (576i) resolution the standard image is that in most countries that the frequency distribution of electrical energy, it's 50 Hz. for player images television can be used. In this standard, the number of lines or number of pixels vertical 576 PCs have IP indicates the type of scan images for interwoven (interlaced).

This symbol and the symbol of any standard other video, along with the number of fields the image in a second, or the number of image frames (which is usually half the number of fields) also are shown that the number of field immediately and the number of frames after a line diagonal entries are like 576i50 (number field: 50) or 576i/25 (the number of frames: 25)....
What is DDC ?
Division of Disease Control
Controller, central, and most control units of programmable matter. That is, the program code controls the direct digital significant customization for the intended use. App features include the Timeline, settings, controller, logic, timer, events list and alerts. Units control usually has input, analog and digital, that have the possibility of measuring (temperature, humidity, or pressure) can make and also has the output of the analog and digital for the control of the intermediary transfer (hot and cold water or steam). Digital inputs are usually connection (dry) of the control devices and the input of the analog, usually a voltage, the amount of flow the device size, a receiver, a variable (temperature, humidity, speed, and pressure). Output usually contact, relays that are to operate and stop the equipment, process and output, analog, usually a voltage or signal stream that are to control the movement of control devices the intermediary (water/air/ steam) like the lions, etc. performance and engines goes to work. Groups from the controller, DDC, network, or not, a layer of system make up. This sub-system for and overall performance of the HVAC system is vital. System DDC brain HVAC system. This layer the position of each damper and Valve, can determine. This layer determines which fan. pump and chiller, with what speed or capacity. With this intelligence, programmable in the brain we have to the concept of building automation as we move....
What is SCAM ?
Séquentiel Couleur à Mémoire
, etc., to the meaning of the color of a row, along with memory) system for color TV, analog is the first time in France was invented. The system's team to the custody of Henry de France, which in the company of the French television, which later by Thomson purchased. invent. This system from the direction of the historical first system color standard, to be expected....
What is HQ ?
High Quality
Friend Kyo (HQ) is a kind of image resolution is that the resolution is high. The higher resolution of CU, and lower than in HD....
What is 480I ?
480 Interlaced
480 (480i) abbreviated name for the format video is the video which is in the image, the standard TV in the TV system, analog or digital, in most countries of Continental America (excluding Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay), the Caribbean, Myanmar, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines used.

The purpose of the number 480 in. resolution 480, linear vertical, and what is meant by "i", etc. refers to the resolution of the network or one among (Interlaced). Rates, storage in this extension, usually 60 Hz (or 59 of 94 Hz in the color space NTSC).