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Acronym References

What is OHE ?
OverHead Equipment
Wire those great people to wires or cables that transfer electricity from one point powering to a train, a tram, or wagon, metro, used to say. These electrical wires through the feeding stations in the range determined by The taken supply. Your feeding stations are usually from a network of high-voltage power are fed....
What is NVR ?
Network Video Recorder
Recording device video network (NVR) is a software program for recording digital images on disk drive, flash drive, SD memory and other equipment for storage of information. NVR generally lacks a hardware recorder, but the software is usually on a special hardware with an operating system runs. to increase the efficiency and stability of the device from a Linux or standard Windows as the operating system of the device used. From NVR, usually in the system and communications network used.

for recording images analog camera with NVR can be of converter used. This set of video surveillance systems hybrids or HYBRID is said to be. Though image resolution and other specifications of the image of network camera to the camera image, analog pass will not be....
What is MODEM ?
Modulator Demodulator
Means to convert the information digit to mark the sound in phone lines...
What is LOM ?
Laminated Object Manufacturing
Production object layer (LOM) is one of the methods of rapid prototyping is. The plan has been prepared with the CAD unit control system LOM to enter. In this system, the form of the cross section work piece in a layer set and this form by the laser beam on the material that for a roll to the laser beam driven, etc., will be cut. Other parts of the level also to the cross by the laser beam cut is given that after the complete three-dimensional model, etc. can be waste material from the main model separated. The layer that is to form hanging can be cut into layers of coarser stick, then a new layer is notched, and to the previous layer to stick. This operation automatically, so repeated that all the layers are cut to stick together. Part of hairy from the original model separated to form its final appearance crafted. Level final model can be sanding pounded, rendered and painted him....
What is EPL ?
Electron Projection Lithography
Lithography electron...
What is TDWI ?
The Data Warehousing Institute
Institute of database and analytical...
What is MFTF ?
Mirror Fusion Test Facility
The facility of testing of the mirror Fusion...
What is INTERNET ?
Interconnected Network
Internet stands for interconnected network interconnected network), it should be the system knew that no human hand design, engineering and implemented. The root of this enormous network of world to the 1960s pitted the Pentagon ( the army of the United States of America ) to conduct research projects to build a network strong, distributed, and error investment the. This research, along with the period of personal investment the National Science Foundation to create a backbone of the internet, new, ETC.) was the participation of Global to start it, and since the mid 1990\'s, internet and for a network of public and universal in spirit. Dependent of all human activities to the internet on the scale of operations is large and when such a short time. the anecdote from the beginning of the period of a historical trail in different disciplines of Science, Technology, and especially in how human thinking is. Much evidence is at hand that what the internet is for Human will make, and will, only amount very slightly, to the reality accordingly.

the internet system of global computer networks interconnected is that of the \"set internet protocol\" to communicate with each other they use. In other words, the internet, network of networks, is that of the millions of network, private, public, academic, commercial and government size, local governments, and small to global and very large, is composed with a wide array of technology electronic and optical are connected to have been. The internet encompasses the information resources and services is so wide that the most prominent, it\'s the World Wide Web and email are.

Design Calculation of a small part of the shape Network Internet. The point in the marker image, IP addresses, etc., and the lines between it, drag the line connection between the two IP\'s.
organizations, etc. scientific and research centers and numerous institutions., the need to achieve Network Internet to create a website, etc. achieve remote VPN, etc., do research, or use the system email, etc. are. Many media of communication like a traditional phone and TV also use the Internet change have shaped or re-defined, and have been servicing New, such as voice over internet protocol and IPTV emerged. Publication of the newspaper, as well as for the site, Board and the web and blogs change the shape of the data. The internet, new forms of interaction between humans through instant messaging, etc. the forum and social networks there.

on the internet no central monitoring on the affairs of the technical and the policy access and use does not exist. Each network forming the internet, the standards of compiling your own does. The only exception in this case, the two space the original name of the internet address of the internet protocol and the domain name system that is enterprise the name of Icon Management, are. The task of the Pi classification, and standardization of protocols the core internet, IPv4 and IPv6, the responsibility of special engineering of the internet is that enterprise-international nonprofit and each individual can start the process with which the partnership does. Professor team father and the inventor of the internet and the web was in 1991 the first web site in the internet network the alliance....