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Acronym References

What is SCA ?
Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
Aircraft shuttle (SCA) to say that to transport the space shuttle in Earth's atmosphere is designed. Aircraft shuttle the Americans today, consisted of two Boeing 747 are that the organization Administration (NASA), it will greatly change the data and to fit the special operation. One of the model 100-747 and another 747 category 100SR (medium-range).

in the Soviet era, Antonov ASP.Ann.-225 \'\' s the same role to carry the shuttle Buran played....
What is MOOC ?
Massive Online Open Course
Due to the importance of learning in all communities, and several methods that nowadays, to learn and training is available. Also, thanks to technology, information and communication that all aspects of our lives have influenced and caused the migration of users to use the digital technology for teaching and learning .
nowadays, one of the platform for distance education and ... courses, online massively macro-level, or MOOC .
that there are many advantages, including the fact that :principally by the University and professors in the world founded have been such countries as America, Canada, Australia, and
few countries. in addition, the majority of educational institutions, and other universities even in developing countries, both to pursue research and development of such platform are and their number is steadily increasing. part of the strategy of universities to create developments digital, the development of such platform. But although the importance of this project, given that both in terms of time and cost, are heavy, and the coordination between the different teams, such as Team teachers, etc., team marketing, team development, it is necessary.
these courses generally are free, except for the certificate fee to be received.
In this platform can be used without restrictions, or time online as the period of the desired register, and in the course of the company .
without keeping in view the educational background, age, sex and nationality and restriction of the number of members, etc., we can from this learning opportunity .
plan the training content in this course, together are different, and design are innovative, of course, the Microsoft Corporation has taken up units, collegiate, social issues.
In this course, that interactive environment are the relationship between the learner, Con, and professors might be .
In this course, assessment and feedback is available....
What is VFD ?
Variable Frequency Drive
Frequency drive-variable or (VFD) that its main purpose is to control the speed of the engines, alternating current. This drives in addition to the application to control the speed of the drives can be used at low speeds, the characteristic curve of torque-speed is very desirable similar machine, the DC found, and in many applications can be using this method, engines, DC engines, si Cage, the squirrel replaced.

one of the important parameters in determining the speed of the engines, alternating current., the frequency of the input voltage to it is that drives the variable frequency is also based on the same work. Since that change frequency reactance induction motor also changes. drive, should the voltage of the sync frequency setting.

more drives, variable frequency to adjust the frequency, the prime power input, a direct current conversion work, and then again to make it alternate with the frequency of the desired him back. That drive for power conversion DC to DC from what way to a large extent to producer, date of production and the size of the motor that the drive should control it does depend on.[3] the voltage output usually in the form of a square, which is for engines, in case of a particular problem does not cause, however, some manufacturers use a single additional waveforms, stair, and brought them up to shape of the sine wave gets closer....
What is SRM ?
Switched Reluctance Motors
Engine (SRM) is a mode function of the car . and the car mode, the latter of which is the same as mode function is that it (SRG) say.

the basis of the creation of this engine to the year 1842 ad pitted (when Scottish inventor named Robert Davidson from the engine as the main stimulus locomotive used), but the initiative of RE-it because of the benefits of expensive not-being and progress implements with high power (electronics power), etc. became possible and, from 1969 (est. engine variable in order to applications, variable speed was proposed.

although this engine is identical because the speed of rotor field rotating typical synchronous motor, but has new features certain can be that it of the synchronous motor, typical distinct. Also this motor to the stepping motor, also very much resembles, but its function is different. This motor has a winding, the field, the same DC motor for winding, the stator is on the rotor, its winding or magnet. (stator) and (rotor), the both have poles highlights. hence, from this car as the car bumps, Double be remembered.

When a pair of Poles of the stator, which is opposite the? triggering? of the rotor with the pole, coax. In a magnetic circuit at the moment of incitement. piece rotating (here the order of the rotor machine, switch .) give preference to the situation come that the lowest magnetic. When the two poles of the rotor coaxial with the two poles of the stator. set the other poles of the rotor relative to the poles of the other stator coax are not. Then to make each one of these sets, the pole, the stator coaxial with the poles of the rotor. respectively are aroused. With this arrangement, incessant stream into the winding, the stator cause the rotor to be permanently rotated.

the most important disadvantages of this type of motors having ripple torque and High create acoustic noise (acoustic) too much. that with the different methods of control, correction and optimization of the engine design it can be improved the alliance....
What is SDXC ?
Secure Digital eXtended Capacity
SDHC and SDXC different types of SD that are based on the standards of the Society of SD are made.

card SDXC to organize space information of the file system exFAT. Devices and cards, SDXC in addition to the interface UHS that SD and SDHC are used. of standard UHS-I and UHS-II also supports that fast up to 104MB/S and 312MB/S for exchange of information make it possible....
What is SDHC ?
Secure Digital High Capacity
SDHC and SDXC different types of SD that are based on the standards of the Society of SD are made.

memory cards SDHC in capacity of between 4GB to 32GB and SDXC cards with capacities over 32GB of production are....
What is EF-M ?
Electro-Focus Manual
Mounts EF in 1987 by Canon Inc introduced. This mounts the same, is something that the company is in cameras full-frame category top of herself, such as D Mark IV5 and D Mark II6 advantage of it. Each EF lens has a motor, auto focusing is internal and don't have this two, letter stands for Electro-Focus, meaning the Focus Electric. You products Canon lens with this mount, and without the ability to auto-focus domestic find never miss. But this thread is about the company, the third party applies not and some products and then for the mounts, EF of manual focus benefit. If the lens you see that for Canon camera supplied and details of certain of the Prudential offer? can almost be sure that it was the lens for mounts, EF is designed.

Mount EF-M by Canon for use in Series mirrorless cameras, the company, such as M100 is designed. These lenses just and just on the mounts, EF-M usable they will be. If you desire to use EF lenses or EF-S, TAKE NOTE, You can use the adapters for it on Mount EF-M install....
What is VR ?
Virtual Reality
VR to. virtual reality. in a device for the virtual game or watching a movie. goes to work....