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Acronym References

What is OTT ?
Over The Top
OTT stands for Over The Top can be. The more we now, without being ourselves, we are use the services of OTT are. To a simple language OTT to services, it is suggested that you, through the network platform Service Provider yourself, it you use. Here for better understanding an example heading: you have a share 3G internet from a Service Provider, keep the same operators that the phone line yourself, from he has purchased and calls to GSM and SMS services from Your he would get here. Now, if you are in the world, it is the 3G network from Skype or any VoIP service will use up to the services of call and SMS cheaper and free access, then Skype can be one of the services of OTT poses bring. Or for example, suppose the Service provider in a package of services to their customers, cable TV or IPTV offers. Now, if the user of the operator from share your Internet to get video content from suppliers who, like Netflix or Amazon benefit, in fact, the services of your video instead of the method of transmission (in Broadcasting) to the method of OTT received is. Now make sure that the Service provider that you from the internet, it to access to the services of OTT use of any controls, the right, the responsibility and the claim could not have. The reason for this is that the user will have to any use of the internet, which tends to be free. Network operator only package IP's from Origin to destination, does not carry. The operator can from the content of the package is notified, but no other work can not be in conjunction with it to do. Being a user, in what way might content video to the methods of OTT and in the world, the internet not depends on her decision in choosing a variety of methods are available in the market. As in the beginning of this season as we have our OTT into three subdirectories, divided we do, then these three branches with each other and with IPTV, we compare....
What is SASR ?
Special Application Scoped Rifles
Gun anti-equipment or gun camera application special...
What is OMC ?
Operations and Maintenance Center
Under the system, the center maintenance and support, OMC, including function, maintenance, and support equipment GSM can be supported interface network operator will also be responsible. OMC, etc., to all equipment within the system, switching BSC connected; and in fact, the function of regulatory GSM a country can do (like bills, spam) and the other one of the most important function in its time. function, maintenance, HLR is a country. Depending on the size of the network, any country can be more of a OMC have. Management, Global and centralized networks as well as by management center network NMC)) is performed, and OMC is also responsible for the management of the regional network....
What is LDR ?
Light Dependent Resistor
Resistance, optical, or El Di AR some kind of resistance is the electrical resistance that the effect of increasing the intensity of the light shined on it reduced, in other words, from your show.

The Resistance of light from a semi-conductor has a high resistance have been formed, and in the event that the light shined on it from the frequency sufficient to. photons absorbed by the semiconductor to the electron affiliate his energy enough to leap to the bar, the conductance can do. A free electron is obtained and holes, make sure the electric current to guide the work and to The Shape of the electric resistance is reduced.

resistance, optical may be inherent or artificial they are. A semi-conductor intrinsic, such as Silicon, etc., the only carrier of its own, and semi-conductor efficiency is not. In these semiconductors, only electrons available in layered Valance are and so the photons have enough energy to excite the electron in the length of the bar, forbidden to have. Semi-conductors or synthetic impurities that have the lowest energy electrons to the energy layer, the conductance is closer and because it does not require electrons a great distance to leap up. photons with less energy (i.e., wavelength greater and the frequency lower) to reduce the resistance enough to be. For instance, if some atoms of silicon with phosphorus (impurities), we replace the electron more, for the conductance will be available and semi-conductor derived a semi-conductor can be considered....
What is DEW ?
Directed Energy Weapon
Weapons energy guided (DEW) system, it can be said that without the deployment of the projectile, energy to the target shone to effect the desired actions. The effects of these weapons may be deadly or . Some species of these weapons in the real environment are used, but some other are expanding.

this energy is directed may be any of the following:

the spectrum of electromagnetic for a weapon, laser or Maser
particles with Mass for weapons, the particle beam
The Sound for war software audio
flamethrower in this category do not fall, because it in truth projectile are (gas or liquid explosive), which caused the fire....
What is SRMS ?
Shuttle Remote Manipulator System
(Canadarm) (which is called the (SRMS), Canadarm 1, also known) is a collection arm, Mechanical that was on the shuttle, the space was installed to time and foreign objects during the March, a space switch. This tool by the Canadian Space Agency designed and built....
What is SCA ?
Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
Aircraft shuttle (SCA) to say that to transport the space shuttle in Earth's atmosphere is designed. Aircraft shuttle the Americans today, consisted of two Boeing 747 are that the organization Administration (NASA), it will greatly change the data and to fit the special operation. One of the model 100-747 and another 747 category 100SR (medium-range).

in the Soviet era, Antonov ASP.Ann.-225 \'\' s the same role to carry the shuttle Buran played....
What is MOOC ?
Massive Online Open Course
Due to the importance of learning in all communities, and several methods that nowadays, to learn and training is available. Also, thanks to technology, information and communication that all aspects of our lives have influenced and caused the migration of users to use the digital technology for teaching and learning .
nowadays, one of the platform for distance education and ... courses, online massively macro-level, or MOOC .
that there are many advantages, including the fact that :principally by the University and professors in the world founded have been such countries as America, Canada, Australia, and
few countries. in addition, the majority of educational institutions, and other universities even in developing countries, both to pursue research and development of such platform are and their number is steadily increasing. part of the strategy of universities to create developments digital, the development of such platform. But although the importance of this project, given that both in terms of time and cost, are heavy, and the coordination between the different teams, such as Team teachers, etc., team marketing, team development, it is necessary.
these courses generally are free, except for the certificate fee to be received.
In this platform can be used without restrictions, or time online as the period of the desired register, and in the course of the company .
without keeping in view the educational background, age, sex and nationality and restriction of the number of members, etc., we can from this learning opportunity .
plan the training content in this course, together are different, and design are innovative, of course, the Microsoft Corporation has taken up units, collegiate, social issues.
In this course, that interactive environment are the relationship between the learner, Con, and professors might be .
In this course, assessment and feedback is available....