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Acronym References

What is EPC ?
Electronic Power Control
The EPC warning light, also known as the Electronic Power Control warning light, is a vehicle warning indicator that indicates a problem with your Volkswagen\'s throttle system, such as with the throttle pedal, throttle body, traction control, or cruise control....
What is ASIMO ?
Advanced Step in Innovative MObility
ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative MObility) is a humanoid robot created by Honda in 2000. It is currently displayed in the Miraikan museum in Tokyo, Japan.

What is SONAR ?
Sound Navigation Ranging
Sonar (originally an acronym for sound navigation ranging) is a technique that uses sound propagation (usually underwater, as in submarine navigation) to navigate, communicate with or detect objects on or under the surface of the water, such as other vessels. Two types of technology share the name \"sonar\": passive sonar is essentially listening for the sound made by vessels; active sonar is emitting pulses of sounds and listening for echoes. Sonar may be used as a means of acoustic location and of measurement of the echo characteristics of \"targets\" in the water. Acoustic location in air was used before the introduction of radar. Sonar may also be used for robot navigation, and SODAR (an upward-looking in-air sonar) is used for atmospheric investigations. The term sonar is also used for the equipment used to generate and receive the sound. The acoustic frequencies used in sonar systems vary from very low (infrasonic) to extremely high (ultrasonic). The study of underwater sound is known as underwater acoustics or hydroacoustics....
What is RADAR ?
RAdio Detection And Ranging
Radar (Radar), a device radio is for observation, diagnosis or detection of objects and also measure some features of it to help the wave radio goes to work. The application of the primary radar and the location of Genesis and its growth in military and aviation industry has been. In industries, military, etc. the main role of a system of radars, supervision on a range, and detects the object, the movable, target tracking, and the extraction of characteristic such as distance, direction, speed, height, and size of the target. Radars, military applications, surveillance, etc., tracking, goal, guidance and navigation, and see from behind the barriers are made. Applications of civilian radar imaging systems, satellite, etc. steer the ship and aircraft, Meteorology, etc. traffic control and cars is smart....
What is OMS ?
Orbital Maneuvering System
System maneuver orbital (OMS) trusts, sufficient for placement of the spacecraft in the circuit, the Rotary circuit, changing the circuit, the rendezvous, orbital, etc. return to the previous circuit, and return to the Earth provides. The amount of thrust equal to 1000 pounds and from the end of the control system reaction of the system to be entered. SS in a pod, the motor separately at the bottom of the hull of the orbiter erosion. This sheath location SMS (system control instruction) also are from the to pod SS/ SMS famous have. In each pod, 1 engine and hardware needed for the drifted embed, maintenance and distribution of fuel to perform the maneuver speed have taken place. Two pods, other storage SS are the system's redundancy hold. System speed to do maneuvers orbital should have something in about 2 feet per second for every mile offshore, is....
What is ROF ?
Radio Over Fiber
Technology radio waves on optical fiber or to summarize the RoF somehow technology are applied by which the light by a radio signal modulated by the optical fiber to areas farther sent, and thus access to wireless internet, etc., whether in the form of standard third-generation mobile (3G) or WiFi via only one antenna unit is possible crafted. To the word of the other. radio waves through the optical fiber cable can be passed. Thus, a single antenna could be all radio signals (including 3G, WiFi, etc.), which through an optical fiber to the Central, where this light to signal the radio turns on. downloads. This technology, unlike technology, the traditional common is where each of the protocols, wireless communication network (3G, WiFi, and mobile) need to equipment and antenna, distinct were. The transmission of radio waves with the use of fiber optics for several purposes, such as TV networks, cable stations, satellite are also used, but the phrase "radio waves on optical fiber", usually to the application of this technology for access to wireless network refers to crafted....
What is BLE ?
Bluetooth Low Energy
Product BLE., the energy consumption for Bluetooth communication will greatly decrease. This technology energy consumption of Bluetooth, when the sleep time to minimize the. For example, a user of a Bluetooth headset for conversations uses. When news of the conversation is not BLE consumption of Bluetooth minimizes and as soon as communicate. Bluetooth like the other versions, the energy consumption does....
What is FX ?
FX (effects) alone to the meaning (effect) is.
but in many applications or instruments and... various applications can have.
for example, in the photograph., the several modes that the image is applied there are got effects say.
or in instruments, music, modes, a voice that can be selected is ( on electric guitar )....