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Acronym References

What is VCC ?
Voltage Common Collector
Power supply, power - a device for providing electrical energy to one or a few times, the consumer.

for even more precise, the task of power supply, receiving electrical energy from an energy source (electric, mechanical, etc., chemical, solar) and convert it to voltage, current, and frequency suitable for feeding load is. A source of regulated power (Regulated), etc. can be voltage or current of its output, to a certain extent almost fixed hold.

power supply may be a device separate or combined with the circuit of the consumer is. Usually, the features of the power supply include:
the amount of voltage and current, which can be time consumer of your provide.
the amount of sustainability of the voltage or current output in terms of different times.
a while, which can be energy without refueling or recharging provide. (Refer to power supplies that portable power sources to use)...
What is VRF ?
Variable Refrigerant Flow
The flow of refrigerant, variable (VRF are) from a variety of air conditioning technology has been that in 1982, the company Japan invented. Like air conditioners VRF are from the refrigerant for cooling and heating uses. The refrigerant in the A circuit, by a panel of external between several panels, interior in circulation.

system VRF are usually has compressor DC inverter to provide variable speed motor and thus the flow of refrigerant is variable.(Unlike the systems simple on/off).By the agent working at different speeds, the VRF are able to save energy in times a minor can be. With the recycling system, energy system, VRF are able to provide the same time heating and cooling we are. In comparison with other systems, energy saving systems, VRF are more than 55 percent....
What is SNES ?
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Nintendo System (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) or super human SS (or SNES and Super Nintendo) is a console 16-bit released by Nintendo, for Europe, North America, Australasia and South America between the years 1990 to 1993 is. In Japan and South Asia, this console with the name of the super family computer or super com released. This console because of the power of very high graphics and also the game varied and design admired, and was become the bestselling console 16-bit was....
What is PSAP ?
Personal Sound Amplification Products
Device, audio amplifier personal ( like hearing aids )...
What is 4DX ?
Fourth Dimension Plex
4DX is a technology motor, which belongs to the South Korean company CJ 4DPLEX is.
ability 4DX include the encounter: the effects of reflection of light, rotation of chairs, the wind and fog and odor....
What is IPTV ?
Internet Protocol Television
Internet TV or "IPTV" (IPTV) is a service, IPTV is that the audience, which enables purchased and connecting a set top box to the TV device and pay the monthly subscription, from services such as access to archive films and series, Music, broadcast, live, internet shopping, etc. game online, bank online, etc benefit.

IPTV, etc. for the system described, in which use the internet protocol over a network infrastructure, services, digital TV, etc. that delivers this service can be used by a broadband connection broad, in the discretion of the user used. Some users, IPTV services with video services or internet, such as web access and VoIP, receive. In the world of business, combining VoIP, IPTV, and access to the internet (remote location) to Triple play (run, triple) call.

if the services, Voice Services, Mobile, also, which should be added, to Quadruple play (run four) turns. Usually IPTV by an operator with broadband in a network infrastructure package to be provided. This closed network has always been a competitor providing the contents of the TV on the internet. This kind of offered service, TV, the internet or internet TV is called. In the world of Commerce, sometimes from IPTV to provide pictures of the TV on the LAN, corporate network, business used. Perhaps the definition simpler than IPTV Pictures Television, is instead of the normal extension and by the cable be played by technology, network, computer get are....
What is OTT ?
Over The Top
OTT stands for Over The Top can be. The more we now, without being ourselves, we are use the services of OTT are. To a simple language OTT to services, it is suggested that you, through the network platform Service Provider yourself, it you use. Here for better understanding an example heading: you have a share 3G internet from a Service Provider, keep the same operators that the phone line yourself, from he has purchased and calls to GSM and SMS services from Your he would get here. Now, if you are in the world, it is the 3G network from Skype or any VoIP service will use up to the services of call and SMS cheaper and free access, then Skype can be one of the services of OTT poses bring. Or for example, suppose the Service provider in a package of services to their customers, cable TV or IPTV offers. Now, if the user of the operator from share your Internet to get video content from suppliers who, like Netflix or Amazon benefit, in fact, the services of your video instead of the method of transmission (in Broadcasting) to the method of OTT received is. Now make sure that the Service provider that you from the internet, it to access to the services of OTT use of any controls, the right, the responsibility and the claim could not have. The reason for this is that the user will have to any use of the internet, which tends to be free. Network operator only package IP's from Origin to destination, does not carry. The operator can from the content of the package is notified, but no other work can not be in conjunction with it to do. Being a user, in what way might content video to the methods of OTT and in the world, the internet not depends on her decision in choosing a variety of methods are available in the market. As in the beginning of this season as we have our OTT into three subdirectories, divided we do, then these three branches with each other and with IPTV, we compare....