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What is LEED ?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

The leading standard in environmental and energy design or led certification, or led for short, is the air conditioning standard and Green Building reference in the United States and Europe.<br>LEED Certification in 1993, the Green Building Association of the United States was formed under the Environmental Committee of the American Institute of architecture. The society needed a tool to manage and measure sustainable buildings. What is known today as LED certification is the same tool.<br><br>in 1998 the first edition of the LED certificate was used to evaluate green buildings. Over the years, this certificate has been edited many times, and today we use the third version of this certificate. Although led certification is called the U.S. national standard for evaluating green buildings, the international community has also adopted it as a measure of design, construction, and operation of buildings that claim to be green for the environment.<br><br>the ability to design in the form of this certificate is also important and has been raised as one of the conditions of employment, especially in the United States. The certification was expanded in 2000 by the American Green Building Association. LEED certification is issued for any type of construction and with any dimensions. LEED certification proposes a three-step assessment for the most important features that make a building green.<br> < br>led certification attempts to evaluate all types of buildings and can be used for all types of buildings, including new construction and general renovations of existing buildings, commercial spaces, the core or shell of a building, school or home. Of course, this certificate for neighboring units, sanitary spaces and retail outlets is also being tested in several projects, and to date, about 4.5 million square feet have used this certificate.<br><br>LEED certification is a scoring system. Construction projects must obtain lead certification points in order to meet special criteria for green buildings and be recognized as a green project. These projects must be met with seven strict prerequisites to be able to achieve the scores of these criteria.