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What is XRP ?


Ripple is the name of a digital currency (XRP™) and a network payment is that the money in it is traded. This network is actually a system of payment is distributed.

on the website of Ripple states that the purpose Ripple is that the people of the "garden enclosed" Financial Network, one to find. The garden enclosed the same credit cards, banks, pay stubs and other financial instruments that are access to limited provides ... for the exchange of money, fees fall and in the transaction on the people impose.

Ripple is one of the cheapest digital currencies available in the world markets is that in the last few months as due to the growth and development of an impressive digital currencies like Bitcoin (Bitcoin) and (Ethereum) about the attention of many economic institutions around the world, is located.

Ripple as well, such as digital currencies other than the technology chain block to store your information uses. Ripple is one of the largest supplier and developer of the technology chain block is up to today, has managed this technology as well as in between institutions and various companies develop.

Ripple protocol, a payment open-source is that individually-focused activity, and makes this comment with a lot of currencies available in the market , which are often decentralized are ... different. This exchange that is the ancestor of the Mac Kalb and Chris Larsen in 2012 was launched, you strives to pay international for safe and immediate in every size, and amount with the fee is very low, do. Ripple of the tokens of support that the representative of cash is common.

Ripple is the beginning of December, 2017 with a rate of 25 cents of purchase and sale was succeeded after operating in East Asia and the welcome aboard show, American Express, and Santander, the growth of significant value to his see, and on the first day of the year 2018 ad rate of 2. the 30 dollar deal, and in this time period, the growth of 820 percent will be witness. Some investors believe that the ripple in the future to international payments, speed will give and because of that, have witnessed the growth of over the virtual currency be. Even claimed that Ripple a replacement for Swift will be.