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Acronym References

What is SRWRD ?
Sanja Reward
SRWRD symbol tokens digital with backing rials, with the 1:1 ratio and has a nominal value of one million dollars, which is derived from the Latin phrase Sanja reward is; Can the tokens to pay bonuses to the community, an active shareholder Joint-Stock Enterprise Group Capital Management seedlings of the immortal (fighting squir) in exchange for financing the company made that on the network reliable exchange....
What is سنجا ?
سهام شرکت گروه مدیریت سرمایه نهال جاویدان
\"Sanja\" is an acronym for the Persian phrase \"shares of Sahal javidan Capital Management Group\", which is made as the abbreviated name of the company and has been returned to the Latin word \"SANJA\" and is used as the symbol of the company\'s stock....
What is IEO ?
Initial Exchange Offering
A method for collecting funds that are designed to reduce the risk of token buyers by introducing reliable intermediaries between the project team and the user....
What is ICO ?
Initial Coin Offering
A way to raise funds in which new projects sell their cryptocurrencies to investors....
What is HODL ?
Hold On for Dear Life
The typo Hold mistake that originates from bitcointalk, as well as the abbreviation Hold En for Dear Life, is made - to retain ownership of coins and lack of sales....
What is HTLC ?
Hashed TimeLock Contract
It refers to a special feature that is used to create smart contracts that are capable of modifying payment channels....
What is HFT ?
High-Frequency Trading
Some kind of algorithmic transactions that involve executing a large number of orders on a fraction of a second....
What is FMA ?
First-Mover Advantage
The competitive advantage of the first project is to bring services or product to a new and unknown market or industry....