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Acronym References

What is IEO ?
Initial Exchange Offering
A method for collecting funds that are designed to reduce the risk of token buyers by introducing reliable intermediaries between the project team and the user....
What is ICO ?
Initial Coin Offering
A way to raise funds in which new projects sell their cryptocurrencies to investors....
What is HODL ?
Hold On for Dear Life
The typo Hold mistake that originates from bitcointalk, as well as the abbreviation Hold En for Dear Life, is made - to retain ownership of coins and lack of sales....
What is HTLC ?
Hashed TimeLock Contract
It refers to a special feature that is used to create smart contracts that are capable of modifying payment channels....
What is HFT ?
High-Frequency Trading
Some kind of algorithmic transactions that involve executing a large number of orders on a fraction of a second....
What is FMA ?
First-Mover Advantage
The competitive advantage of the first project is to bring services or product to a new and unknown market or industry....
What is FOK ?
Fill Or Kill Order
Buy or sell order that must be executed immediately or else it will be canceled....
What is EMH ?
Efficient Market Hypothesis
An economic theory that expresses financial markets reflects all available information about the price of assets at any time....