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Acronym References

What is PCC ?
Palmer college of Chiropractic
College of chiropractic, Palmer (Palmer college of Chiropractic) in 1897 ad, helps older Americans, the state of Iowa, the city of Davenport by Daniel David Palmer, science of chiropractic began.

other locations of the same university, in the United California in 1980 and Florida in 2002 and gradually was made.

In fact, the University of chiropractic, Palmer first university in the chiropractic world is starting to teach the science of chiropractic work....
What is GFF ?
Airport an airport, universal code IATA pantyhose, amateur, cumshot that a band landing asphalt and is the length of the runway it is 1704 meters. The airport, in the city of , Australia country, Australia, is located at a height of 134 meters above sea level, is located....
What is DOH ?
Doha (Doha) (Doha, the capital of Qatar. This city on the shores of the Persian Gulf. Its population according to the census the year 2015 ad 956, the 460 people.

Doha, in recent decades, see investment frvan in urban infrastructure has been. So that from a coastal village to a modern city has become. Designs of modernization of the city are commercial buildings and residential as well. City training that is an accredited university, in order to work. Plans to build a stadium World Cup football, shopping centers, and project Doha land that the City play a big diameter. The city has an international airport and also the center of the airline can be. News network Al Jazeera English and Arabic, in the city of Doha, located is being made. The document Vision 2030 Qatar is based on four principles of human development, social, economic, and Environmental is based, in part, the economic development on the use of the proceeds from the natural resources of Qatar to propel the economy of the country to the other sources of income, and in the development of environmental, social, cultural development with a minimum of damage to nature is emphasised.

the major oil and gas country, a diameter in the range of offshore Doha, is located. That's why Doha is hosting the most significant companies in the oil and gas world. Traditionally, and after the discovery and extraction of vast oil after World War II in diameter, which mainly used by oil companies, Americans were ... the economy of Qatar based oil and gas revenue basis.

but a few years ago with the aim of this done, country Qatar, the intent of the industrial storage and commercial storage and the separation of the economy, single-polarized, and dependent on the oil there. He complete this quest in the city of Doha is visible.

diameter in recent years as a destination of what is known and recently, as a tourist town, emerging, growing, and developing is to be known. Doha as a city, modern and dynamic, built on the cultural roots of the deep of the cultural heritage of the Bedouins retreat itself. Visitors from Qatar, whatever, for a summer trip need to make available have. relaxation, desert, etc. alleys, lively and ... the beaches of Shelley., the green parks, as well as a luxury hotel in Qatar is available....
What is FBR ?
Fort Bridger Airport
Airport Fort

(Fort Bridger) is a city in the state of Wyoming, United States, and that its population in the 2010 census operations. 345 people....
What is MENA ?
Middle East and North Africa
MENA (MENA) to mean the Middle East and North Africa, a term that designates countries major producer of oil in the Middle East Region and North Africa are goes to work. Much of this area of the country of Morocco in north western the continent of Africa begins, and Iran, the eastern most country of the Middle East region along the finds. This region has 60% of oil resources and 45% sources of gas in the world. The economy of these countries, the relationship intimately with changes in global oil prices is. This area is one of the oldest areas, the harvesting of oil in the world can be considered. For this reason, oil reserves, countries in this region more than other regions of the Earth decreased and the burnout drilling equipment and oil extraction are also more visible, is....
What is CFU ?
Farhangian University Centers
The University of Farhangian (CFU), the University for the provision of. training and empowerment of teachers and staffing of the Ministry of education in Iran. The University, in the year 1390, with the aggregation all centers teacher training across Iran was established, and has about 98 academic credit (in the form of 64 campus and 34 Center, dependent on campus) are. University of Farhangian of the largest and most extensive university, Iran and Dr. Ali as the first chairman of the University of Farhangian., the presidency of the University, mission driven and strategic is responsible for.

university teachers in 1390, with the approval of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and integrate all centers teacher training across Iran, was established in the year 1391 began. The university, though , but relies on the background of the centuries-old centers of teacher training in Iran. The University, according to the document, the fundamental transformation of Education has documented the solutions to the following:
solution 1/ 11 - the establishment of the national system of teacher training and setting up special university teachers with the approach of specialized training and professional education driven by the Ministry of education in cooperation with the devices relevant
solution 2/ 11 - design and improve the training system, Professional Teachers in education, with an emphasis on maintaining a continuous interaction of student teachers with schools and academic institutions, and research during this period, and provide the business experiences of the actual classroom and educational environments.
playbook 10/ 11 - draw the participation of top universities, and seminaries in the training of specialized-professional and religious teachers, experts, and managers, in collaboration with the University of the State
University of cooperation, has legal personality and administrative autonomy and financial and affiliated to the Ministry of education and is for The operated. With the establishment of the "university" complex, higher education, the Prophet (PBUH) and the Centers for Teacher Education under the guise of it in the university organization has been. The university teacher training from the year 1391 by attracting 25 thousand students committed to serving began....
What is NY ?
New York
New York (New York) State in the north eastern United States of America.

the state of New York in terms of the breadth of 27ـ Amin in terms of population the fourth largest in terms of population density, the seventh state among the 50 US states. New York from the south to the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and from the east to the states of Connecticut and. Massachusetts and Vermont are limited. This is the state of the eastern side of the island, and Long Island has a maritime border with the state of Rhode Island. Also, parts of the international border between the two countries, Canada and the United States of America relating to the northern borders of the state of New York with the state of Quebec, Canada, and from the western side, and its northern by the state of Ontario, Canada, can be. To make the distinction between the city of New York (the most populous city and economic hub in the state) and the state of New York, New York often called New York state with the terminology \"New York State\" and \"State of New York\" to work, suffer....
What is TPE ?
China Taipei (TPE) is the name that Taiwan, with its athletic events, because the Olympic Games, tournaments approved by the International Tennis Federation, tennis free, Australia, Free France, tennis tournament, Wimbledon, etc. free American Games, Paralympic Games, playing Asian Games , etc. ., the FIFA, etc. and the World Health Organization can participate.

This word deliberately ambiguity Hooray is. For China, the term "China Taipei" regarding the political status or sovereignty of the Republic of China/Taiwan is ambiguous, for the Republic of China verbal is includes more from Taiwan that it is merely part of China, knows and "Taiwan, China", for it may mean the involvement of the people's Republic of China, being construed to be....