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Acronym References

What is KFZ ?

Kish Free Zone

Kfz is one of the seven free regions of Iran which is located in Hormozgan province. Kish Free Zone includes the islands of Kish, etc. , etc. farour and farour is small and the administration, it is the responsibility of the enterprise, which is the responsibility of flared from the Supreme Council of free trade - industrial zones of the country, preparation, and adoption has been.<br> < br>Kish is Iran's first free zone and its main reputation for its recreation. The island is one of the main destinations of Iranian tourists.<br><br>The Island, shaped oval, with a length of 15 km and a width of 7 km and an area of approximately 91 sq km in terms of breadth, etc. the second largest island in Persian Gulf after Qeshm is. Kish historically has commercial records, so that the center of commercial communication between India, Iran and Mesopotamia is considered. The major trade of Kish Island in the past has been pearls.